White Foam Deer Head Makeover

Foam Deer Head Makeover

My sister and brother-in-law are the real deal when it comes to hunting.  They have elk, deer and buffalo mounts in their home that they have shot themselves.  I have a big crush on all the cool and beautiful looking faux deer heads that are used in decorating right now.  They are so regal and yet so peaceful.  I felt like a total phony though for wanting to use one in my decor.  It wasn’t until my son came along and started loving deer that all my stupid feelings went out the window.  I got to have my first little taste of decorating with faux deer and antlers when I threw his 2nd birthday party for him.  It was a “dashing deer” party where all the deer where dressed up in ties.

DIY White Deer Head Decor Tutorial

I found this foam deer head at Target and bought it during their after Christmas sale.  It was half off so only $5.00.   If it didn’t work out, I wasn’t out too much money.   The foam deer obviously needed a little makeover though.  The colors aren’t my style, even during Christmas time.  I liked the faux wood looking plaque but wanted the rest of the deer head to be white.  At first I tried spray painting it but the paint just kept seeping in.  After many coats it looked like the picture on the bottom left.  I decided that I would try and seal it first with Mod Podge.   After I sealed it I tied spray painting it again.  Still not working real well.  The thing that worked the best was to paint the deer with acrylic paint.  Every one of my kids helped, even the birthday boy.  I had to relinquish my perfectionist tendencies to let them do this but I am glad I did.  It turned out better than if I would have done it myself.   There were different textures and brush strokes that made the deer look very rustic.

How to Paint Foam Deer Head

I guess I followed the package instructions and I decorated my own deer.  Only I made mine a little more chic than what Target had in mind.   This faux deer mount was the focal point of the decor at my son’s birthday party dessert table.  Stay tuned to see the whole Dashing Deer party coming up in the next few days!

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