Tried It- Swig Sugar Cookies

I tried out the recipe for Swig Sugar Cookies that Mandi from Vintage Revivals posted.  I thought I would throw in my two cents about how they turned out.  Let me start by saying that I thought they were good.  Were they the best cookie I have ever tried in my whole entire life? No, but a sugar cookie wouldn’t be my first cookie pick anyways so I may be biased.  They did hold true to her description of being crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.  I thought they tasted the most delicious just after they were baked.  The frosting was good and subtle in flavor which I liked.  I am not one for sickly sweet frosting.   The recipe made way more cookies than I thought it would.  I used a cookie scoop and got about 6 dozen cookies out of it.  I liked pressing the cookies down with a jar coated in sugar.  I thought it was fun! I had to take turns with my 4 year old daughter though.  She was the primary cookie presser and I was her back-up presser.  I was happy that there was enough frosting to frost all of the cookies.  It stinks when you have to skimp on the frosting for the last few cookies.  The frosting was easier to pipe on when it was cold.  I frosted the cookies pictured with room temperature frosting as per Mandi’s advice but the frosting didn’t hold up like I was wanting.  The rest of the cookies I frosted with cold frosting and they looked a lot prettier.  So, the real question comes, would I make these again? Yes I would.

What have you tried lately?


  1. Carol Kolar says:

    Are you sharing the recipe for your pink cookies? I would love to make some!

    Thank you

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