Easy Lipstick Kiss Teacher Gift

Lipstick Teacher Gift

If you need an easy and last minute teacher gift, look no further than the drugstore makeup department!  This lipstick kiss teacher gift can go really cheap if you want to just use chapstick or something like that or it can be a little more expensive just depending on the type of lipstick you purchase.   I purchased  Revlon Lip Butter for my daughters to give to their teachers.  I absolutely love the Lip Butter.  It is unlike any other lipstick I have tried.  I am not a lipstick person but the Lip Butter feels like a cross between lipstick and chapstick so I can handle it just fine. [Read more…]

Cookie Teacher Appreciation Gift

Easy Cookie Teacher Appreciation Gift

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week at our school.   My thoughts have evolved on gift giving to teachers, even since last year.  Last year was the first time my oldest daughter attended public school.  Since it was my first, I didn’t know when to give gifts or what the gift etiquette is- start of the year, Christmas time, teacher appreciation, end of the year.  What was appropriate? [Read more…]