Watercolor Easter Egg Hunt Invitation + Printable

watercolor Easter Egg Hunt Invitation

Okay. I will admit it.  I love to watercolor.  As far as expertise goes, I am at about a first grade watercolor level (and I use my preschoolers watercolors) but watercolors don’t discriminate! They don’t care if you are Bob Ross or Grey Luster Girl! They love you all the same and they are very forgiving.  My sister asked me to help out with an Easter egg hunt she was doing and said that she needed invitations.  I looked around for inspiration and found these cool Easter hunt invites from Minted.  Immediately I thought of my good friend, the watercolor palette and wanted to make my own watercolor Easter egg hunt invitations. [Read more…]

Monogram Easter Basket Tag

DIY Monogram Easter Basket Tag

How do you do Easter baskets at your house? Does the Easter bunny leave them out in plain sight? Does he hide them? In our family, the Easter bunny hides the baskets and then leaves clues for each of the children.  Each child has their own hunt they have to follow in order to find their Easter basket.  This is the way the Easter bunny did it when I was growing up.  We would go on our hunt (some of the clues were ridiculously hard! – Check the shoe?! Come on!!) and at the end we would find our Easter basket.  The basket had a paper tag on the top of it with our name written on it.  I wanted to personalize my kids Easter baskets so I decided to make monogram tags for them. [Read more…]