Suede Elbow Patch Shirt Refashion

suede elbow patch refashion

This is a repost of a refashion I did for the blog Brassy Apple.

I am still hooked on the leather trend and an easy way to add it to your wardrobe is with elbow patches.  I started with a shirt of my husbands that was too short for him.  I took in the shirt.  If you want detailed instructions on how to take in a shirt, visit this tutorial of mine.

Before and After Elbow PatchesOnce the shirt was taken in, it was a pretty quick refashion!  I thought that a light colored camel suede would go really well with the blue and orange striped shirt.

elbow patch tutorial_1 I cut out an oval template on paper and traced it onto the suede.  I cut out two suede ovals.

elbow patch tutorial_2I serged the edges of my suede ovals.  If you don’t have a serger, you can do a tight zig zag stitch around the edges of the ovals.    Once you have the suede ovals prepped, you are ready to put them on the long sleeved shirt!  Start by putting the shirt on and marking where your elbow is.  Then take the shirt off and pin the suede elbow patch where you made your mark.  Do this on both sleeves and try to match them up so they are even.  When you sew your elbow patch on, sew it close to the edge so that you don’t have a lot of loose fabric around the patch.  You can see where I put my presser foot in the last picture above.  Put the shirt on the sewing machine from the collar side so that you can get to the elbow area without sewing any other parts of the sleeve.   All done! If you liked this quick shirt refashion, take a look at some of my other clothes refashions on my Refashion Pinterest Board!

DIY Suede Elbow Patches


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  1. I like! It’s amazing how just a couple of patches can make a simple sweater look so cool. 🙂 I am on the leather train with you friend! I am still loving leather accents on clothes!! I hope you had a wonderful New Year!!

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