Stuffed Puppy Party Invitation & Puppy Dog Tutorial

DIY Stuffed Puppy Dog Tutorial

When I asked my daughter what kind of birthday party she wanted to have for her 5th birthday, she told me she wanted a puppy party.  Hmmmm, a puppy party.  What am I going to do for a puppy party?  After a little brainstorming and trying to dissuade her, I eventually came up with a play on a Build-A-Bear party.  I am calling it a Stuffed Puppy Party.

Puppy Birthday Party Invitation

Since I have been loving watercolors lately I decided to use them as a general theme throughout the party.

hand penciled

I drew the picture and lettered every invitation by hand.  Then I painted in the penciled lines with watercolors and erased the pencil lines once the paint was dry.  I wrote over the penciled lettering with a black pen and erased the pencils lines also.

Hand Painting Party Invitations

My daughter wanted to get in on the watercoloring too so I drew her a picture of her own for her to color in.   The invitations feature my little sweetheart holding a puppy dog and a red balloon with the number 5 on it.  The invites give a little preview to what the party will be.

DIY stuffed puppy doll

I made each party go-er  a puppy to stuff.  I based the pattern for the puppies on the Black Apple doll pattern.    I made the head a little more dog like, added a tail, added ears and made the feet more like paws.  I stuffed the front and back paws and the tail.  I didn’t stuff the ears, just left them flat.  After I stuffed the tail I sewed it onto the back.  With right sides together I sewed the head to the body repeating for the back of the head and back of the body.  Then I pinned the ears to the head and the paws to the front body.  When you pin them, make sure they are pointed in towards the body.  With right sides together I placed the backside on top of the front side and pinned.  It will look like you have a little package and the paws and ears won’t be able to be seen.  I left an opening in the head and sewed around the body.  Then I pulled the paws, tail and ears out.

Stuffed Puppy dog pattern

It would have been too difficult for the kids to stuff the paws and tail so this way they only needed to put the stuffing in the main body part and in the head.

Build a Puppy Party

The puppies turned out so adorable! I made 10 puppies total and all of them were different! I can’t wait to show them all and tell you how the party went down! It was such a fun party!!

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  1. All I can say is WOW! Not only are your crafting skills amazing, but your photography is beautiful. I am so glad I found you!! Hugs, Amy

  2. Love the homemade theme! What kind of writing instrument do you use? The fronts are so beautiful!!

    • greylustergirl says:

      Thanks Valerie! I wrote everything by hand with a black pen :). I want to get some fancy pens but I don’t know which ones to get! I guess I need to do some research. I just love the hand lettered look and want to practice more! Thanks for stopping by!