Silhouette Sketch Pen Tip

I love my silhouette. I have been impressed with almost every feature. So when I purchased the sketch pens I expected excellence once more.

To my total dismay, every image that I used with the sketch pens was terrible. Sometimes half of the image would sketch on, sometimes none of the image would sketch on. It was never consistent and always disappointing. Then one day on the silhouette blog, they posted something that used the sketch pens. I commented about my problem and was intrigued to find others who had encountered a similar problem. This tip was given that has made all the difference.

Make sure there is no oil from your hands on the paper. Try not to touch it and wherever you do, wipe it off with a clean rag.

I have put this tip to the test time and time again and it has worked for me! I used the sketch pens to make the tags for the flower pin supplies that I did on the retreat.

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  1. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.
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  2. Really nice!
    you are in my favourite blogs!
    I hope you’ll come to take a look to mine too 🙂


  3. Good tip, thanks!! I have the pens but haven’t tried them yet, sure glad I read your post first!!

  4. wow, gorgeous! yet another reason for me to want to buy the silhouette…*le sigh!

  5. I love the sketch pens, I also always get them started before I put them in the silhouette, That really helped me.
    Thanks for another tip, Anja

    • greylustergirl says:

      Good idea Anja! I have had to do that a few times after I have tried to sketch something and nothing comes out! Maybe I should do that first as a rule now. Thanks for your comment!

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