On the Ninth Day of Christmas…9 Puzzle Block Patterns

Have you seen those wooden puzzle blocks in various geometric shapes? They have always looked fun to me.  I was about to embark upon making some cool designs and patterns for my girls when I came across these on the PreKinders website.

I printed off 9 different designs and laminated them.  Unlaminated things like this last about 5 seconds in our house before being ripped or eaten.  Now, since we don’t have any of the wooden block shape sets, I decided that I would make some.

I had a stack of foam sheets that I used to cut the shapes out. I did this by hand but it went pretty fast. 

These will still probably have some teeth marks in them by days end but I can always hope that they survive.

I can’t believe it is day 10 tomorrow! This month is flying by already.

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