Letter of the Week-A

Ever since I got my laminator, I have been doing some learning activities with my girls.  I have loved the preschool packs from 1+1+1=1 and loved seeing all of the tot trays as well. I started doing a letter of the week with accompanying activities.  I started with letter A.
We did the following activities:

I took a large bowl and filled it with beans.  In the beans I hid a bunch of objects that started with the letter A- An angel, airplane, alligator, play apple, Ariel doll, and an Aurora doll.  They took turns searching for the objects and pulling them out. Once they were all out, the girls had to guess the letter of the week. 

I cut out some large letter A’s and laminated them.  The girls lined the A’s with the “jewels”.  We practiced making the A sounds.

I cut out some capital letter A’s and some lower case letter a’s and the girls sorted them.  Then they glued them onto a paper and  decorated them with glitter.

We made fingerprint ants.  The girls loved this.  They wanted to decorate the ants.  Audrey wanted her ants to be on a camp out roasting marshmallows (upper right hand corner).

Via 1+1+1=1

The girls colored an A is for Astronaut print out from the Astronaut Preschool Pack on 1+1+1=1. As well as the printout with the a’s inside the stars.  What a great resource this site is!

The last activity that we did was a fill in the blank and matching activity.  I typed up a bunch of words that started with the letter A and left a blank space in the A position.  Audrey had to write in a letter A and then read the word (with help).  Each word had a corresponding paper cutout.  They searched the cutouts and picked the one that matched the word.  Then they taped it next to the word.  They really liked this activity too.

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