How to Layer Vinyl and Another Easy Vinyl Tutorial

This post is brought to you by Kolette Hall.

Silhouette Vinyl Tutorial

We are going to knock out a few basics today and do two easy tutorials that involve working with vinyl.   I am working with two of Kolette Hall’s shapes from the Silhouette online store- Today is a Great Day for Living and Today is a Great Day for Laughing.

2 shapes in one Silhouette FileAfter you purchase the shape and open it up in your Silhouette software, you will notice that 2 shapes come in each quote file.   This is so helpful! One shape is all in one piece, or fully merged.  The other shape can be ungrouped into pieces so that you can layer different colors of vinyl or use only specific pieces of the quote (like I did in this teacher appreciation cookie gift).   We are going to do a tutorial using both ways.  First is the easiest way, using the grouped vinyl shape.

Today is a great day Vinyl Quote

All you need to do is just feed the vinyl directly into your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait without a mat.  Cut out the shape using the vinyl setting.

Easy Grouped Vinyl Tutorial

Once the shape has been cut out, weed out the negative space and discard.  Use a piece of transfer paper and place the sticky side down onto the vinyl.  Rub the transfer paper onto the vinyl and then pull up the transfer paper, vinyl quote and all.  Place the vinyl onto your surface of choice and rub the transfer paper again to get the vinyl to adhere to the surface.  I put the vinyl quote onto a small canvas.  Carefully pull off the transfer paper so that only the vinyl quote remains.   Easy grouped vinyl quote done.

Vinyl Tutorial Silhouette Cameo

Next up, how to layer different colors of vinyl.   This process is more involved and can be a little tricky, depending on the surface that your vinyl is going on.

How to Layer Vinyl Silhouette CAMEO

So first  we want to get to the shape that can be ungrouped for layering.   Right now both shapes are combined together so we need to ungroup them into two separate shapes.

ungroup and delete shape_vinyl tutorialClick on the shapes and then click ungroup.  Click on the shape that you want to delete and delete it.

Ungroup to individual pieces

Now you have the shape you want to use but you need to ungroup that one as well.  I was planning on using 3 different colors of vinyl and so I needed my shape grouped into 3 groups.

Adjust Cut Settings

Now we need to cut out each individual word or phrase in the color of vinyl that we want to use.  Go into the cut settings tab and cut each piece out individually.  Make sure that the pieces that you don’t want to cut have been selected and the “No Cut” option has been chosen.

Layered Vinyl Tutorial_silhouette CAMEO

Weed out each shape or phrase.  Now you need to think in terms of the layering.  What pieces will be in the back and what pieces will need to go on top of other pieces.  Start with the pieces that will be in the back first.  In my case it is the “Today is a for” part. Using transfer paper I adhered the first phrase onto my canvas.  Do the next piece that will be behind another piece and then do the front piece last.  Be careful to not let your vinyl touch the other vinyl before you are sure where you are putting it.  Vinyl can easily break when you accidentally adhere it to another piece of vinyl and then have to try and take it off.  In my case above, I added the “laughing” part second and then the “Great Day” part last.

Layering Different Colored Vinyl Tutorial

I love these two phrases by Kolette Hall.  Both of them remind me to slow down and enjoy the life I have been given.  You can purchase them from the Silhouette Online Store:

Today is a Great Day for Living- Layered Phrase by Kolette Hall

Today is a Great Day for Laughing- Layered Phrase by Kolette Hall

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  1. Lisa,
    I stopped by today from the Silhouette Challenge. You did an excellent tutorial on layering. I did not know that there is two shapes in the phrases. I had been hesitant to purchase some of them because I wanted a bit more creative expression of my own.
    Thank you for sharing your talents,
    Karen Marie
    Dragonfly & Lily Pads

    • greylustergirl says:

      Thank you for popping over Karen! I really love Kolette’s files. You should definitely give them a shot!

  2. Colleen deVries says:

    I have a question. I am new to the silhouette and was wondering if the vinyl phrases could be cut out on regular card stock as well or do they only work on vinyl? I would like to know before I purchase, thanks.

    • greylustergirl says:

      Hi Colleen! Yes, you can cut the phrases out on card stock and many other mediums as well. I have cut them out on fabric, paper, vinyl, heat transfer and more. Pretty much anything you can cut with you silhouette, these phrases will work with.

  3. Debora Cadene says:

    Love the color combination. I have mastered the removal of the letters, leaving the oodles/boodles so I can paint something on a piece of wood, but have yet to get the vinyl off and leave just the letters. Would you happen to have a tutorial on getting that off with out pulling up the letters? I’m also wondering if you have a method on getting your stencil on straight? Do you put marks or arrows someplace on the stencil? I’d love to try this layering , but might fear the placements of the other words. Any tips….

    you enjoy your day!!

    • greylustergirl says:

      Hello again Debora! I am not sure I understand your first question. Are you having trouble getting the vinyl letters off your wood after you paint over it? As far as getting the stencil on straight, I usually just eyeball it. You can buy Silhouette brand transfer paper and it has red grid lines on it which helps also for making sure things are straight.

      • Debora Cadene says:

        Hi Lisa…thank you for your replies, I sure do appreciate it. I’ve heard the vinyl lettering vs the stuff you aren’t keeping as the positive or negative, but really get mixed up as to which is which. I am guessing that the stuff on the outside of all the actual letters is the negative. That is usually what I keep and remove just the letters, then fill in the empty spaces with paint. I’d like to do it the opposite way, Keeping the letters and getting rid of the outside stuff, but have yet to do that successfully, especially on a larger project, like a subway art. I was just wondering if you have done a tutorial on that? I’m a visual kind of person and most times get mixed up when I just read something with out a photo.

        thank you again, and have yourself a GREAT day.

  4. If I am going to purchase your “I can do all things through Christ…” phrase and I am going to do it all in one color, do I still need to ungroup and piece
    together or will it cut out on the cameo without doing that?
    Not sure if it will be, but can this response also be sent to my email?

    • greylustergirl says:

      If you are going to keep everything the same color, you don’t need to ungroup. After you purchase the phrase, you will notice that 2 phrases come in the file. You can use the one that is completely grouped and ready to go. Good luck!