Kids Camp Out with Tepee and DIY Felt Fire

kids camp out with fire and teepeeMy kids are looking forward to some fun camp outs this summer.  So far we have done one camping trip but the kids are keeping their hankering for camping in check with their own tepees and felt fire.  I made this camp out set for them for their Easter gift.  It has two tepees made from pvc pipe and flannel.  I borrowed a pattern for the tepees from my sweet neighbor but I did find a tutorial here that looks very similar to what I did.  What really makes this camp out magical though is the fire.

kids-felt-fire I made it using felt.  I first cut out my two pieces of red felt into the shape of flames.  I cut them out freehand.  Next I took the orange and did the same thing, making sure that the orange flames would fit inside the red felt.  Same thing with the yellow.  I sewed them directly onto the right side of the red  flame so that the raw edges would add some texture to the fire.  Make sure that you sew your second flame together on the wrong side of the red so that it is a mirror image of the first one.  Otherwise when you go to sew them together, they won’ t match up.  With the flame details facing each other and touching, I sewed my two flames together.  I cut out a oval piece of red felt and used it to make a flat bottom for the flame.  I filled the flame with poly-fill.  To make the logs I sewed a straight line down folded pieces of dark brown felt.  This made a tube.  I turned the tube right side out so that stitching was on the inside of the tube.  Then I cut out two tan circles about the same size as the tube opening and sewed them on either end.  Fill with poly-fill before you completely sew the last end circle on.  I did the same thing for the marshmallows using white felt.  I poked a little hole in the bottom of the marshmallows and stuck a stick in them.  teepee_campout  My daughters absolutely loved this!  They would set up the logs and arrange the fire.  They liked borrowing my phone and turning on a campfire sound.  They would place the phone under the fire and were transported to a crisp evening with their tents pitched on the mountainside and the campfire crackling in front of them while they roasted marshmallows.  It was a joy to watch them and a joy to join in.

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