Golden Butterfly Princess Halloween Costume

Golden Butterfly Princess Halloween Costume DIYI must have looked like a deer in the headlights when my daughter said she wanted her costume to be a “Golden Flower Butterfly Princess” for Halloween.  Okay.  For some reason, no inspiration was flowing.  We decided to go to the fabric store so that she could pick out the fabric that she wanted.  I was hoping that would steer me in some direction. She picked out the fabric in that you see in the skirt.  Well that takes care of the flower portion of the princess outfit. The fabric was a little pricey so I only bought 1 yard of it.  I used it all on the skirt.  I sewed a simple tube skirt with an elastic waistband.  Now what to do for the rest.

Butterfly Princess Costume made with Silhouette CAMEO

I refashioned the shirt for the outfit out of a women’s shirt.  The color seemed to work with the flowery skirt.  I turned to my Silhouette CAMEO to cut out the butterflies.  I used a gold fabric with gold dots on it.   I laid the butterflies out of the shirt first and arranged them.  I sewed a few details on a few of the butterflies before pinning and then sewing them by their centers onto the shirt.

Fabric Butterflies Princess Costume_silhouette CAMEOI cut 2 different sizes of butterflies and I doubled up some of them for extra detail.

DIY Butterfly Crown

To make the crown I made a wire circle that would fit around my daughters head and wrapped it in the only leftover scrap that I had from the skirt! I used some of my fabric butterflies for the crown but this time I sewed them onto a paper butterfly as well so that they had a little extra support.

Butterfly Princess Crown Handmade Costume

I hot glued the butterflies in place around the front of the crown.

butterfly cape DIY

At this point I felt like the costume looked good but it was missing something.  I made a little cape in the shape of butterfly wings from some sheer fabric.  I attached the ends of the wings to some elastic that went around her wrists so that when she raised her arms, it looked like she had butterfly wings.

Homemade Butterfly Princess Halloween Costume

I have to admit, she looks beautiful! She says she feels like a real princess so that is a win in my book!