Gold Spray Painted Pencil Holders

gold spray painted pencil cupsI have been having spray painting commitment issues.  Remember my little bird figurine that I was going to spray paint?  He still looks the exact same.  To my credit, I did go to a store.  After much deliberation and fruit snack bribes, I decided on a spray paint color for my bird figurine.  I know the suspense is killing you.  Ok fine, it was like a lime green color.  When I went to spray it on though, the nozzle was clogged.  I took it as a sign.  My bird figurine is destined to be a different color.  Although I admit to having had some commitment issues associated with spray paint in the past, I knew just what color I wanted to spay paint these pencil holder cups when I saw them at a yard sale.  The organizer cups would look great with a gold makeover.

before and after gold pencil holderNow I had seen many a post about what color of gold spray paint is best.  I checked the spray paint at Hobby Lobby and JoAnns and all I found was the Krylon paint.  At this point I needed to make a decision.  How much did I want to drag my three kids to a hardware store only to have to wander through the lighting section as a trade for them to look at spray paint with me.  Krylon it is.  I was pretty happy with the Krylon gold spray paint though.  It wasn’t super shiny but it had a nice color.

single gold pencil organizer_wmWhat a relief to have something to put my one pencil and 5 other tools into.  How did I ever survive without them?!  It does help to organize things in a pretty way.  I am always a fan of organizing for the eyes!


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  1. Love the gold!

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