Garage Sale Finds

This past weekend we hit up a few garage sales.  Here is our haul:

5 yards of white corduroy fabric- $4
Black pitcher $.50
3 Bags of nuts $.45
Total: $4.95

I bought the bags of nuts from a cute little girl.  She sold me one bag for $.10, one for $.05 and one for $.30.  It made me smile. 

Oh yeah, we did pick up one more thing while we were garage sale hunting.  It was by far the most expensive thing we found.  We picked up our very own $650.00…..

We ran over this little beauty and it completely punctured our tire.  Air was gushing out.  The hole was so big that they couldn’t repair the tire.  We have all wheel drive and so we had to replace all our tires. Boo.


  1. Great finds! That’s too cute about the little girl selling you the nuts for an array of prices! That stinks about your tire! That’s strange that you had to replace all of your tires, unless they said that you might as well replace them all because it was time. I’ve never heard of having to replace all 4 tires if one blows out on an AWD vehicle…

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