Faux Etched Glass Mirror Believe Snowflake

This post brought to you by Kolette HallSplit Believe Snowflake Faux Etched Glass Mirror

Decorating at Christmas time can be tricky.  Over the years you accumulate more and more holiday decor.  I was talking to a friend the other day who was so overwhelmed by her decorations that she didn’t even want to put any out.  If you are at that point my friends, take a step back and realize that you don’t have to put EVERYTHING out! If fact, you don’t HAVE to put anything out.  If you find that some of the Christmas decorations you have been holding onto are not quite your style anymore, maybe it is time to try something else.  I did that this year.  All my decorations this year (with exception to my nativity) are new to me.  Are they expensive? No.  Are they over the top? No.  They are simple and many of them are handmade.

Faux Glass Etched Mirror Christmas Vinyl Decal

This easy Christmas decor idea is no exception.  It is understated yet I can’t help but smile when I glance at it.  I used the Silhouette brand Frosted Vinyl to make the faux etched glass decal for my mirror in my entryway.

I used the Split Snowflake shape from Kolette Hall to make my Believe Snowflake.

how to add words to a split shape

Like most of Kolette Hall’s shapes, the Split Snowflake comes with 2 files.  One can be ungrouped and one can not.  I wanted to work with the one that could not ungroup so I deleted the other.

Believe Snowflake

I typed out my word, you could use any word you wanted.  Many people put last names or first names in between split shapes but I thought Believe would be a good word that encompasses several aspects of Christmas.  I chose to do my word in all caps so that the tops of the letters and the bottoms of the letters would be able to weld to the split snowflake.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 3.18.01 PM

Move your word to the center of the snowflake.  You will see that my believe word overlaps the snowflake at both the top and the bottom.  This is necessary to be able to weld them together.

How to make a Split Snowflake Decal

You can use the weld function in the bottom panel or you can also find it in the modify tab.  Make sure the shapes slightly overlap and then highlight them both.  Click to weld.

How to weld with the Silhouette CAMEO

Now you can see that the believe is welded into the middle of the snowflake.  I cut this snowflake decal out of frosted vinyl using the regular vinyl settings and simply placed it on my mirror using transfer paper.

Believe Split Snowflake

I really love the subtleness of the faux etched glass mirror and I always love a good and easy project! Kolette has SO MANY gorgeous shapes for Christmas and every other season or event you can think of!   You can check out Kolette’s most recent shapes in the Silhouette Online Store HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas!