Easy Witch Halloween Costume

Easy Handmade Witch Halloween Costume

This year we did an easy take on a classic Halloween costume, the witch.  This is an easy costume because you can use things that you probably already have in your child’s closet.  We used a black maxi skirt and a black long sleeve shirt.  I only made two things to accessorize this witch costume and give it some DIY handmade touches.

DIY Feather Witch Cape

The first thing I made was this spiderweb and feather witch cape.  My daughter wanted to have spider web cape that attached to her arms.  I wanted to make her a black feather capelet.  So we compromised and did both.  This can easily be a no-sew project.  I sewed two elastic circles and attached them to each end for her wrists to go in.  Other than that, I hot glued everything.  I took one yard of fabric and folded it in half.  I curved the edge and then used a bowl to cut out sections to make the edge look like a spider web.   Lastly I glued on a piece of black fleece fabric to the back of the cape and then turned the cape over glued black feathers onto the black fleece section. You could also attach a black ribbon along feather area and use that to tie the cape on.  I did this at first but I didn’t like that I could see the tie.  Instead I hand sewed the cape onto the black shirt.

DIY Mini Witch Hat Headband

The other thing I made for the witch costume was a DIY mini witch hat headband.  I bought the mini black witch hat at JoAnn’s in the doll section.  The headband was from the dollar store.  I removed the bow and hot glued on the mini witch hat.  To the hat I glued a black feather, a pice of of the sheer spider web fabric and then a spider from a spider ring (I cut off the ring part).

Witch with spiderweb cape halloween costume

By making the feather spider web cape and the mini witch hat headband, we have a cute handmade witch costume that was easy and quick to put together!


  1. You are amazing Lisa! I love the feathers and the little witch hat! She is the cutest witch around!