DIY Story Cubes Travel Game

DIY Story Cubes

Traveling long distances with my kids requires a certain amount of preparation and planning.  That is if I want to arrive at my destination with a full head of hair.  I have shared some travel ideas that I have used in the past and I am going to add another to the list.   I usually wrap up little presents to give to the kids on the drive.  It seems like a small present every 1-2 hours keeps them happy.  This time around I tried to do activities that would help the kids pass the time.

Story Cubes Tutorial

I made these DIY Story Cubes out of  wooden blocks, Mod Podge and pictures that I printed on my computer and cut out with my Silhouette.   I tried to have a variety of images both girl and boy friendly.  I used the matte Mod Podge to adhere the square paper pictures onto the blocks.  Once the block was completely done,  I coated it with Mod Podge again and let it dry.

DIY Story Cubes Travel Game

This is how I envisioned the DIY Story Cubes to work… Each of my girls would get 3 cubes.  They would roll the cubes and then draw a picture on the page of their blank story book with whatever images showed up on their cubes.  Then at the end they would have a fun little quirky story.  That is how I envisioned it.  Ahhh, if only everything played out like it does in our minds.  The kids didn’t want to do it that way.  Instead they just rolled the dice (or in my youngest girls case picked the dice) and then drew the pictures that they saw.  Still fine, just not part of my grand scheme.  They also have enjoyed just looking at the pictures on the blocks.  I wish I could say that this game was a hit and will become a travel staple but alas it probably will not.  They kids have enjoyed it and used it more at home than they did on the road. We have been taking the story cubes to church and have been drawing pictures with them there.  I am still glad I made them though.   Maybe the kids just haven’t realized their true potential :).

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  1. This is such a great idea! thanks for sharing 🙂

    • greylustergirl says:

      Thanks Angela! I still have hopes that one day they will be utilized to their full potential :).

    • greylustergirl says:

      P.S. How do I comment on your blog? Do I have to do it through google +? I can’t find another way. Loved your shamrock canvas art!

  2. Such a fun idea! And I’m laughing at how they chose to play it instead of the way you had imagined it, because I did a sort of similar-ish craft with Forrest the other day (I’m posting it soon!) and he also does NOT play it how I thought he would. Ha. I guess there’s no wrong way to play, isn’t that what they say?

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