DIY Fall Decor: Book Page Art Tutorial

DIY Fall Decor_Book Page Art

Have you caught the fall bug yet? Although the weather isn’t quite the crisp cool temperature that I am excited for, I am already yearning for the fall.  It might have something to do with the overload of pumpkin recipes and halloween crafts on Pinterest.  While I am not quite ready to put up halloween decorations, I am ready to take down my 4th of July Mantel which has been shamefully up for an extra 2 months after the holiday.  In thinking about my fall decorations for my mantel, I wanted something that could transition well from the beginnings of fall until the creepy halloween decorations come out.  I decided on a piece of fall art using a page from a book.  I used my Silhouette Cameo software to get the shape of the wheat.  The wheat from the online store originally had a straight end but I wanted it curvy so I just edited it with my designer software.  If you don’t have a cameo, you can look online for a picture of something that reminds you of fall.

book page art tutorial 1

I used the silhouette sketch pens to first sketch out my design for me.  If you are new to using Silhouette sketch pens, check out my sketch pen tip here.

book page art tutorial 2

Once I had my design drawn on, I GENTLY took a wet Q-Tip and rubbed the letters off of the inside of the wheat image.  It is important that you do this step first because the book pages are very thin and it is easy to rub a hole in your book page.  This way if that happens, you don’t have to go back and start over like I had to.  I did the Q-tip step last when I was taking pictures for the tutorial and was bummed to see all my hard work wasted.   When I started over, I rubbed the letters off first and then I traced back over the wheat design with a black pen to make the outline darker.

book page art tutorial 3


I tried a few different ways of getting a white boarder around my wheat image.  I tried paint, a white stamp and a white colored pencil.  None of those gave the effect I was going for.  Finally I tried white chalk and that did the trick! Then I took a yellow colored pencil and LIGHTLY colored in the parts where I removed the letters with a Q-tip.

book page art tutorial 4

Then I took an old pen and some white paint and put a few dots around the wheat by dipping my pen tip in the paint and then dotting the book page.

fall decor DIY book page art

I framed the finished book page wheat drawing and put it on my fall mantel.  It is a fun reminder of fall that has a vintage flare to it.  If you are trying to find fun new DIY fall decor ideas, it is a great option as it is so customizable.

If you want to see this fall book page art on my mantel, click here.


  1. I LOVE this book page!! I’m obsessed with book pages, so I’m going to have to make this craft. 🙂 I hope you don’t mind that I shared your link on my blog post about my favorite DIY fall decorations. Maybe it will bring you some extra traffic! Thanks again for a great post.

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