DIY Christmas Decor and Typography Shelf


Did you catch my Christmas Typography shelf that I shared on the Silhouette blog a couple of week ago? You can go over to the Silhouette blog to see how I made the Typography Christmas tree.  I also had two other handmade elements on the Christmas shelf that I wanted to share with you.

Dollar Store Reindeer MakeoverThe first is this DIY Dollar Store Reindeer Makeover.  I knew that I wanted to have a little reindeer on the shelf but I had a really hard time finding one!  You see, I was putting this shelf together back in mid October and no matter how many stores I went to, I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  Of the stores that had Christmas decorations out, there were very few reindeer and the ones that were out were all gigantic! I wanted a small mini one about the size of a child’s plastic animal toy.  The last store I stopped at in my desperate search for a small reindeer figurine was a dollar store.

Reindeer Makeover tutorialThere I found this little reindeer suffering from glitter leprosy.  The glitter was cheap and tacky but it was by far my best option.  I took it home and gave it a few light coats of white spray paint.  Just enough to tone down the glitter but still leave some sparkle shining through!

DIY Felt Cone Christmas Tree

The second is this DIY Felt Cone Christmas Tree.  Back when I was organizing my serger thread, I found one empty thread cone and my mind immediately went to a Christmas tree.  I stashed it away for months until Christmas crafting was in the air.

felt cone christmas tree tutorialI used grey felt and cut out rain drops out of the felt.  I started at the bottom and hot glued the felt drops on.  I put the glue onto the pointy part of the drops.  I staggered the drops all the way up until I got to the top and had some pointy parts sticking up.  I glued those pointy parts into the hole.   To finish the top I cut two strips of felt that looked like two raindrops connected together at the tips.   I centered one over the hole and glued it down.  The last one I glued on across the top and kept a pointy part coming up at the tip.  After I was all done I still saw a little bit of the cone at the bottom so I added a strip of felt around the bottom.  I liked how it looked but I thought it would look even better if it had a little bit of sparkle to it.  I sprayed it with some silver glitter spray and that added the perfect touch!  It was great to have my Christmas shelf done months before Christmas! That leaves time for more crafting!


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