DIY Arrow Stenciled Curtains and a Silhouette Promotion!

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DIY Paint Stenciled Arrow CurtainsI have had this DIY project on my to-do list for a looooong time now.  The curtains in my son’s room were grey, dull and dreary.  I wanted to put a pattern on them but the problem was that I didn’t have or know of what materials to use to make it.    Then Silhouette came out with the stencil material and I thought it would be the perfect thing to use.  The stencil material has a sticky side which makes it a great choice for  stenciling on fabric.

DIY Arrow Stenciled Curtains Tutorial

To make the DIY arrow stenciled curtains, start by cutting out your  desired shape out of the stencil material.  I chose one of the arrow Graphic Borders from the Silhouette online store and cut it out with my CAMEO.    Make sure that whatever shape you use, you have a box around it.  The box needs to be large enough so that when you paint , you don’t accidentally get paint on parts that are not supposed to be painted.

Line up your stencil on your curtain panel.  I used the hemmed edge to make sure that my stencil was straight.  Since the Silhouette cut a straight box around my arrows, I knew that I could keep the arrows lined up by following the hem line.

Paint inside your stencil.  I used the sponge that comes in the fabric ink kit as well as the white ink.  I found that after I got the white ink on the sponge, instead of dabbing some of the ink off first, I went straight for the stencil and just pressed lightly at first.  That way I got the most bang for my buck as far as making the ink last.

Places where I thought the sponge didn’t quite make it dark enough, I went through with a sponge brush and painted them.  This was mostly done around the corners but not very often.

Keep moving the stencil as you go down the column.  I didn’t wait for the ink to dry, I just took the stencil off right away and kept on going.  With each column I alternated the ways the arrows were pointing.  I lined up the box of the stencil with the edge of the previous column to keep things centered and straight.

Arrow Stenciled Curtains

What a difference the white arrow stencil makes!  It completely transforms these dull grey curtains into a unique piece of decor for my little boy’s room.  I even still have the stencil (it is less sticky now though) if I need it for any other large arrow project.

Silhouette Stencil Material Projects_greylustergirl

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  1. These turned out great and I love the soft look you achieved. Hugs.