Contrasting Sleeves Shirt Refashion

Contrasting Sleeves Refashion

There are those shirts in your closet.  You know the ones.  The ones you would wear IF…the collar wasn’t so low, IF it wasn’t so short, IF it wasn’t so tight blah blah blah.  I have tons of them.  This was one of those shirts.  There were many things I loved about it.  I loved the length of it and the fun details at the top.  In fact this was the very shirt that inspired my Bow Shirt Refashion! It often got overlooked though because of the sleeves.

Contrasting Sleeves Before and After Shirt Refashion

When I wore it I had to wear a jacket with it.  The sleeves were tiny and frilly and didn’t even make it to my shoulder.  I decided to do something about it.  Time for a long overdue shirt refashion!

Shirt sleeve refashion_1

I didn’t have any matching material to make new sleeves so I went with a contrasting color.  I used some black knit from an old shirt that I had and I cut out two sleeves on the fold.  I freehanded the pattern based on another sleeve that I had.  I unpicked the baby frilly sleeve in preparation for the new sleeve to come in.

Sleeve shirt refashion tutorial 2

With the new sleeves still folded in half, I marked the center of the curved shoulder part and also pinned the small underarm part together.  With right sides together I sewed the small underarm part straight down.  Then I matched up my center pin of the sleeve with the center shoulder seam of the shirt.  With right sides together (and the new sleeve facing inside the shirt) I pinned the sleeve into the shirt and sewed it on.  I didn’t hem the sleeve, just left it raw.  Don’t you just love knits for that reason?!!!

Switch Sleeves Refashion

There! Now that is a shirt that I will wear!   It was a pretty fast refashion to just switch up the sleeves with contrasting sleeves and BOOM! You get a completely different look without having to pay a dime!  So now the challenge! I challenge you to look in your wardrobe and identify one shirt that you would wear IF… and refashion it!  I am going to try it again.  Are you game?

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  1. Way cute picture and I love the shirt! Love all your other recent posts too! The flower board is AMAZING!!!