Is It Gold, Is It White?


I am sure you have noticed that gold home decor is EVERYWHERE!  Gold is fun but can easily become tacky if your not careful.   I love subtle home decorations and these gold and white spray painted two toned bowls are a great way to take part in the gold trend without going overboard.


I started with some wooden bowls.  I had two small bowls and one large one.


I found that painting the inside of the bowl first worked the best.  I got some overspray onto the underside of the bowl but it was no problem because I just put the bowl face down on some newspaper when I was ready to spray the underside.   This acted kind of like a seal so that the freshly painted inside didn’t get any overspray.

two toned bowls

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do white on the inside of the bowls or gold on the inside of the bowls.  I ended up trying out one of each on the small bowls.   I can’t decide which one I like more.  Which one do you like?

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Refashion 101: How To Take In a Shirt

how to take in a big shirt_refashion101

When it comes to clothes refashions, a few basic skills can go a long way! Today I am tackling a refashion must know, how to take in a shirt.   This can seem intimidating at first if you are a beginning sewer but have no fear, it is very easy and only requires sewing 2 lines.   So many of my refashions come from larger shirts that once belonged to my husband.  Starting with a bigger shirt allows for so many refashion possibilities!  So let’s start at the beginning with this Refashion 101: How to Take in a Big Shirt. [Read more…]

Cleaning Games for Kids

Cleaning Games for KidsI have a confession to make. Circle of friendship here. I am a stay at home mom, a homemaker if you will. Yet one of my big responsibilities as a homemaker is one of my hardest trials. When it comes to one typical motherly duty, I frequently fall short. I try and try but it is so frustrating and disheartening. Okay, here it is… I have a really REALLY hard time keeping my house clean. Whew. Weight off my shoulders. I do not know how some women do it. It is exhausting to spend all day cleaning and then have all your hard work erased in a matter of minutes as soon as the kids start to play. It is a balancing act between allowing the kids to play and be kids and wanting to control the playtime so that it is neat and tidy. I have not found that balance yet. I have to laugh at some bloggers who post pictures of their “messy” houses and there is like three things on the floor and one dish out on the table all in the sake of “keeping it real”. Seriously? Is that Seriously how your house looks when it is messy? Cause that is how my house looks when it is clean. Well in an effort to try and reign in the crazy messes, I went through our toy room and purged it of all unused or seldom used toys. In doing so, the kids and I played A LOT of cleaning games. How do you get your kids to clean up? Each of my children respond differently but for the most part, they are up for a game to help the cleaning go by faster. We frequently play cleaning games and I thought I would share some of our favorites.

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DIY White Top Two Tone Table

white top two tone tableA few weeks ago I was asked to help put together a guest bedroom on a tight budget.  One of my favorite DIY projects that came out of that design effort was a couple of TV trays that got new life as nightstands.  I purchased these TV trays about a decade ago and used them when I was very first married.  I liked the colors of them and they seemed sturdy compared to other TV stands.

tv tray beforeI had no idea at the time what Chianti was but I was happy with how they looked.  As time went by and through a couple of home moves,  these stands found their way into my parent’s garage where they sat for years until my sister-in-law suggested using them for our bedroom makeover.  As soon as she said it, I knew it was genius and I knew exactly how I wanted them to look.  This is such an easy DIY makeover that can be done to coffee tables, end tables, side tables, night stands, (don’t forget TV trays!) …. and the list goes on.  All you have to do is tape off the sides around the table and spray paint the top of it white.

DIY White top folding tableVoila! You now have a white top two tone table.  I think it would also look great if the whole top, even the sides were painted white.  That would give a real contrast to the two tone color.  However you decide to do it, the white two tone top gives a more sophisticated and modern look to an ordinary table.  I am so glad I got rid of the busy wording on the TV stands and painted over the tops with white.  It makes the stands more functional and allowed them to double as nightstands.  It worked great in a guest room because you don’t really need that extra storage that a normal highly used nightstand would have.

two tone table before and afterSo what do you think? Are you a fan of the two tone? I think it is quite the transformation for such a minimal amount of effort! I am excited to see the other possibilities in store for these two once lowly TV stands.

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Kids Laminated Road Map

kids road map _wmOf all the homemade travel ideas I have done for my kids, this one is numero uno.  It may not be my kids number one but it is certainly mine.  This road map for kids helps to answer the dreaded question that is asked every 5 minutes on a road trip.  “Are we there yet?”  That question gets progressively whiny and oh so irritating.  I like the kids road map so much that I have made it for all of our last trips.  You can read about the Road to Disneyland map here. 

Kids Travel Road MapsThis last one that we went on was not very long but I still wanted the kids to have a sense of where they were and how far they still had to go.  I went a step further with this travel map and laminated it as well as laminating the double sided car.  I used a piece of tape to stick the car to the map.  kids travel road map_wmThe one thing that was missing from the first maps I made was that I was always a tad anxious for the kids to pass me the map once they had moved the car so that it wouldn’t get wrecked.  By laminating the map, they kids were able to keep their maps with them and move them at their leisure.  I highly recommend making a kids travel map for anyone who is traveling with kids!