A is for Antlers

A is for Antlers
In honor of National Craft Month I am taking part in a series put on by Stephanie from Crafting in the Rain called Craft Month A-Z.  Stephanie has gotten together with a bunch of awesome bloggers and each of those bloggers will share a craft tutorial based on a letter of the alphabet.  I chose A because A is Awesome and Amazing and I already had a tutorial in mind that I have been wanting to share.  About a year ago I pinned this image to my Chalkboard Pinterest board.  I thought it was pretty neat! I pinned it and there it sat, collecting digital dust.   It wasn’t until my son started to become enthralled with deer that I remembered the chalkboard antler print.  His birthday was coming up and it was the perfect time to try and make some chalkboard antler art. [Read more…]

DIY Gift Bag Tutorial

How to Make your own Party Favor Bags

Throwing a party can be expensive! Especially if you try and emulate all the cute party ideas that are out there.  Sure, if I had a gazillion dollars to spend on each of my kids birthday parties then they would be lavish and styled to the extreme.  I would buy all the party favors and decorations and food and it would be no big deal.  Back to real life and I don’t have a gazillion dollars or even a hundred dollars to spend on a birthday party so I have to get creative.  One of the things that I have a hard time spending money on is nice gift bags for party favors.  I wanted to actually have bags with handles and the cheapest I could find them for was 2 for $1 at the dollar store.  That isn’t too bad until you have tons of kids and then that starts to add up.  So I have been making my own party favor bags! [Read more…]

Cardboard Cereal Box TV Tray

Cardboard Cereal Box TV Tray

I am constantly amazed by all the things you can make with a cereal box! It is like free material at your beckon call.  I used a cereal box again to make the TV trays for my daughters My Little Pony Equestria Girls party.  They are super easy to make and the girls each loved having their own snack tray (and I loved that I wasn’t serving them non stop!). [Read more…]

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Party

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Party

This party seemed like it happened forever ago, which it kind of did.  I threw my daughter a surprise birthday party (which was really hard for me to do because I love getting her involved in the party planning).  Since it was going to be a surprise, It needed to be something that I could set up the day of her birthday and not be extremely time consuming to put together.   Her birthday was around the time that the new My Little Pony Equestria Girls movie was coming out so I thought it would be perfect (and easy) to do a movie surprise party.

Ombre Cake with StarsI stuck to my guns and kept it pretty simple this time.  The most elaborate thing I did was the cake.  I was originally going to just do cupcakes but then one day, for some reason, my husband and my daughter were drawing out her birthday cake and he was making it a million layers high.  My daughter got so excited and was set on having a tiered cake.  What was he thinking?!! I toned it down and did three small layers which appeased her.  I tried doing an ombre effect on the cake but I should have made the colors more contrasting because it wasn’t as noticeable as I was hoping it would be.  Lastly I added some glitter stars, seven for her 7th birthday.

cutie mark tattoo My little pony partyThose of you who have seen My Little Pony know that each pony has a “cutie mark”.  I made some cutie mark temporary tattoos for the girls so they could pick which pony they wanted to be.

equestria girls party decor little ponyFor the decorations I only had the dessert table and then I strung some Christmas lights from the ceiling too.  I love the magical feel that the twinkle lights give to a party.  To make the Christmas lights extra special, I put some white cupcake liners around some of them and hung some pink stars (previously Christmas ornaments) on them as well.  Please excuse the poor picture quality of some of these pics.  The lighting wasn’t stellar because it was set up in our basement.

my little pony equestria girls party favor

For the party favors I sent the girls home with a treat color coordinated to go with each pony.

my little pony equestria girls party favors

My daughter loves Hi-Chews so I did two pony treats with Hi-Chews.  Here is a quick breakdown:

Twilight Sparkle: Grape and strawberry Hi-Chew

Flutteryshy:  Mini mint with sprinkles

Pinkie Pie: Melon Gummy Rings

Rainbow Dash: Mini Gum balls

Rarity: Purple and Blue Mike and Ikes

Applejack: Green Apple Hi-Chew

I will share the favor bags in a separate post with their own DIY tutorial!



New Years Eve Activities

New Years Eve Punch Pinata

Happy New Years Eve tomorrow! Do you all do something fun for New Years? We are usually a little more chill on New Years.  We go out to dinner with family and then go to my parents house for games and treats until we ring in the new year with a sparkling cider toast.  I usually never do anything crafty for it.  This year though I put together  a few really simple activities.   [Read more…]