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As the weather starts to get colder and the kids are in the house more, I have my eyes out for activities and crafts that they can do inside.   [Read more…]

Easy 4th of July Felt Star Garland

Easy Felt Star Garland

Felt garlands are easy to make and they add such a festive touch to any party or holiday.  I wanted to spruce up my 4th of July decor by adding a felt star garland.

How to Make a Felt Star Garland_Tutorial

I cut out the stars individually by hand out of craft felt.  My star was about 2 inches x 2 inches.  I arranged them in a red, white and blue pattern and started sewing.  I went from one star tip straight across to the other tip and kept going tip to tip for each star.  I found that pulling the already sewn stars gently helped the banner from bunching up while I was sewing.


After your done with the felt banner, just wrap it around a piece of cardboard like I did with my circle felt banner below.

circle felt banner

Wrapping the banner around a piece of cardboard keeps the felt garland from getting tangled or breaking.

4th of July Mantel 2014 copy


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Oreo Cream Cheese Frosting

Oreo Cream Cheese Frosting

When you don’t have time to make a cake (or cupcake in this case) from scratch, a good alternative is to focus on the frosting.  That way the cupcakes still have that homemade touch.  This time around I made a chocolate cupcake from a cake mix and topped it with a big helping of Oreo Cream Cheese frosting.  Oh ya. [Read more…]

Clay Dog Tags and Toilet Paper Crowns

DIY Clay plush dog tag

As part of the Stuffed Puppy Dog Birthday Party that I threw for my five year old daughter, we dressed up our “build-a-puppies” with clay dog tags and golden toilet paper crowns.  I made the crowns beforehand but the kids each made their own clay dog tag. [Read more…]

Large Wood Horse Wall Art and Silhouette Portrait Giveaway

DIY Large Wood Horse Wall Art

Saddle up friends cause we’ve got a great giveaway today!! You may have noticed the Silhouette Circle button on my sidebar… I am working with the good people from Silhouette now and to kick things off I get to giveaway a Silhouette Portrait!!  I am so excited to be an affiliate with Silhouette.  As you can tell from my Silhouette page, I LOVE my Silhouette!! It is hands down my favorite crafting tool and probably gets used almost daily.  Take for instance, this lovely Large Wood Horse Wall Art.  It started off with me asking my sister-in-law if I could help her with one of the upcoming birthday parties she was planning.  She was doing a cowgirl theme and the weather on the day of the birthday was not looking good.  She needed to get some indoor activities put together and asked in I could do a pin the tail on the horse game.

Enter the Silhouette (and some leftover pieces of our wood flooring). [Read more…]