This is Garbage {DIY Pretty Garbage Can}

leather wrapped basket handles

I can’t believe I am dedicating a whole post to a garbage can.  This is no ordinary waste basket though.  It is uncommonly pretty and it looks way better than the garbage that I was previously using in my craft room aka workshop.  For the longest time I was doing the ol’ hang a plastic grocery bag by the closet door knob and use it as your garbage trick.  While this works well to hold the garbage, it doesn’t look too hot.  I like my new waste basket much better.

Waste Basket Leather Wrapped Handle Tutorial

The handles are wrapped in leather and a darling tag with a photo of a pair of vintage scissors hints to the purpose of this basket.  I got the leather from an old pair of boots that I had been saving for the past oh, three years or so.

Waste Basket TutorialI first cut up the leather boots to get two rectangle pieces of leather.  I used a long strip of double sided tape on the handle and attached one leather strip.  I wrapped a leather strip around each handle of the waste basket.   I used double sided tape because I didn’t know how it was going to turn out.  I wanted the option of taking it off if it turned out horrible looking or if I decided I didn’t like it.  So far I love it and it has held up just fine.

scissors image for waste basket

I wanted to add something on the front of the basket to designate what it was.  What screams garbage without looking like garbage?  I racked my brain and came up with scissors.  When you use scissors you get waste.  Perfect match and it comes with the added bonus that scissors can be pretty.   I used this image of vintage scissors to designate the purpose of this pretty little basket.  I used my Silhouette Cameo’s print and cut feature to make the tag.

garbage can inside a basketIt was also important to me to keep the basket clean so I put in a cheap trash can from Ikea to be the actual holder of the garbage.  I am sure many people have been doing this for a while but I kind of had my own Aha moment with this.  An plain garbage inside a pretty garbage.  The ultimate decorating disguise.  I can also line the inside trash can with a plastic bag and the outer waste basket is still as stylish as ever.

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Gold Spray Painted Pencil Holders

gold spray painted pencil cupsI have been having spray painting commitment issues.  Remember my little bird figurine that I was going to spray paint?  He still looks the exact same.  To my credit, I did go to a store.  After much deliberation and fruit snack bribes, I decided on a spray paint color for my bird figurine.  I know the suspense is killing you.  Ok fine, it was like a lime green color.  When I went to spray it on though, the nozzle was clogged.  I took it as a sign.  My bird figurine is destined to be a different color.  Although I admit to having had some commitment issues associated with spray paint in the past, I knew just what color I wanted to spay paint these pencil holder cups when I saw them at a yard sale.  The organizer cups would look great with a gold makeover.

before and after gold pencil holderNow I had seen many a post about what color of gold spray paint is best.  I checked the spray paint at Hobby Lobby and JoAnns and all I found was the Krylon paint.  At this point I needed to make a decision.  How much did I want to drag my three kids to a hardware store only to have to wander through the lighting section as a trade for them to look at spray paint with me.  Krylon it is.  I was pretty happy with the Krylon gold spray paint though.  It wasn’t super shiny but it had a nice color.

single gold pencil organizer_wmWhat a relief to have something to put my one pencil and 5 other tools into.  How did I ever survive without them?!  It does help to organize things in a pretty way.  I am always a fan of organizing for the eyes!


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DIY Garden Plant Markers

DIY Garden Plant MarkerIt is that time of year where I live to start planting gardens.  My garden always starts out well but then I get lazy and weeds start to creep up and vegetables go unpicked.  Once again I am starting off strong and I even made some garden markers for my plants. We shall see how long it lasts! I did something similar for my herb pots that you can see here.  I followed a similar route and used a pop can for these garden markers. [Read more…]

Kids Artwork Gallery Wall

Kids Art Work Gallery WallMy oldest daughter loves to draw. I love seeing what she draws.  They problem I have encountered though is that she wants to keep every single drawing she does.  Some days she does like a million (well it is more like 5 but those drawings start piling up!) and the fridge can’t hold any more drawings.  We needed a way to appease her desire to showcase the drawings and a way for me to be able to just keep the really special ones.  I put together this gallery wall that has frames with cork inside them.  When I started the project there was going to be a mixture of cork, one mirror, some framed pictures and decor.  Then it morphed into all cork board and one mirror.  I figure that I could put decor or pictures on the cork as well as the kids artwork. I gathered a bunch of picture frames and removed the glass.   I decided to go bold and do a blue gallery wall.


I spray painted each frame with Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze spray paint and then I glazed them once they were dry.  At first it was really bright for me.  I am a simple decor kinda gal and it was a lot more color than I was used to.  Then it started growing on me and I really like it now. I added some cork cut to size and some sheets of thicker cardboard cut to size behind the cork.  I realized that I probably should have straightened out some of the frames before I photographed them.  It was so hard to get a pic of this though.  It is in the hallway right next to our stairs that go down to the basement.  I was literrally straddling the stairs to get this pic so I took what I could get before I plummeted to my death.   Here is some of the cute art work that is currently on display:

Gallery Wall with Blue Picture Frames

My favorite is this one.  It is a portrait of me.  I had a bun in my hair that day.  So cute!

gallery_wall_self_portraitThe only thing that I would change is I would have more frames that have a large opening.  I only have one that is really big and can fit an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper without it overlapping on the frame.  Otherwise I am loving it and the gallery wall is serving its purpose nicely.

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Framed Thread Holder Tutorial

Remember the Macro Lens that my husband gave me for Mother’s Day? Well that was one part of my Mother’s Day gift.  The next part was this thread holder.  He knew that I would want to tailor it to my liking so he waited until we could collaborate on it together.  I picked out the trim and colors and he assembled it!  He even took pictures for me in case I wanted to blog about it.  Of course! So here is what He we did.

Framed Thread Holder Tutorial

Start with a piece of wood.  Ours was a piece of scrap wood that measured 10 1/4 inch x 18 3/8 inch x 3/4 inch . Using a carpenters square, measure out squares 1 1/2 inch x 1 1/2 inch and mark the center of each square.  Using a drill bit slightly smaller than the nails you will be using, drill almost completely through the board in the center of each of the squares.  We were able to get 6 squares per row on our board.  After every row we left a 1/4 inch space.  Make sure you leave a space around the outside of your board as well to attach your frame to.  We left a 5/8 inch space around to glue the frame onto.  It should look like this.

I picked out a trim that was polyurethane because it had the look I wanted for a cheaper price.  Because of this, I used Power Grab instead of wood glue.  If you have wood trim you can use wood glue instead.  For the nails we used 3 inch galvanized nails ( I liked the look of the galvanized better).

Cut your trim at 45 degree angles to fit your board.

If you need help with cutting the trim you can check out this tutorial.

Next, start gluing them on according to the instructions on your glue of choice.

Once the trim is all on and dried, you can prime and paint.  We used Krylon Sun Yellow and glazed with Ralph Lauren Tea Stained Glaze.

Allow to dry and then add the nails.  We found that 2 hits with the hammer were all they really needed.

Now comes the fun part! Arranging your way too messy sewing box filled with tangled threads onto your new thread board holder!

Now you have a fun, beautiful and effective way to showcase or store your thread.

I love making things myself but sometimes it is fun to have someone else make you just what you want!

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