Hand Stitched Bookmarks for Kids

Hand Stitched Bookmarks

School is almost out for us and I am hoping, as I always do but also always seem to fall short, to have my kids read a lot this summer vacation.  A fun way to get kids involved in reading is to have them make their own bookmarks.  I put together this bookmark tutorial for the girls in my Activity Days group.  They are 10-11 years old and I would say that this project was at an intermediate difficulty.  I thought it would be easier for them and maybe it would have if I had explained it better.  I didn’t think it was that hard and maybe I will try it with my daughters and see if they can catch on quicker.

DIY Summer Reading BookmarksI used my Silhouette CAMEO’s rhinestone setting to make the holes in my flower shape.  The rhinestone settings are in the designer edition software.   If you don’t have the designer edition or don’t have a Silhouette, you could use a needle and poke holes along the image that you want to stitch.  I had cut out the bookmark template with the holes already and just had the girls pick their embroidery thread colors to stitch their flower bookmarks with.

Hand stitched bookmarks for kids tutorial

1. Start by wrapping the end of the embroidery floss in tape.

2.  You can start with the stem or with the flower.  Allow plenty of thread slack and start to stitch through the holes using a backstitch.  You can see in step two that I have started to do the stitch down for my flower stem.  Instead of starting in the first hole, I come up through the backside of the second hole and then lace my thread down through the first hole.  Next I would bring my thread up through the third hole and lace it back down through the second and so on.

3.  Turn the bookmark over and use the two ends and tie the loose threads in a knot.

4. Switch colors for the stem and stitch with a backstitch. Complete steps 2 and 3 for the stem as well.

5.  Tie a little tassel to the top of the bookmark.  Cut some pieces of embroidery thread and fold them in half.  Insert the folded edge into the front of the bookmark.

6.  Take the tail of the tassel and put it through the loop that you made in step 5.  Pull carefully to secure.

DIY Easy bookmarks for kids


Some tips that I wish I would have really reiterated to the kids when I helped them make these bookmarks is:

-Get a generous length of embroidery thread and make sure to pull it through carefully all the way each time.  We had to re-thread a few bookmarks because they didn’t leave enough thread.

-Have all the kids start at one place, either the flower or the stem.

-Run through a few examples of backstitching before having the kids start on their own bookmarks.

diy bookmarks for kidsI had all these supplies on hand so making these bookmarks didn’t cost me anything.  You might have most of the items already on hand.  If not, here is a supply list:

Bookworm Gummy worm treat

The whole activity consisted of the girls discussing some books for a summer reading list and then making the bookmarks.  At the end of the activity I sent the girls home with a cute little Keep Reading Bookworm gummy worm treat.   A great activity to kick off summer reading!

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First Day of School Chalkboard

Have you been loving all the chalkboard art going around? I sure have.  I tried it out for my daughter’s first day of school picture.  It adds such a fun aspect to the school pictures.  I got the idea for the graphic from a dead end pin. Grrrr I hate those.  So I tracked down a portion of the picture and you can see it here.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas…9 Puzzle Block Patterns

Have you seen those wooden puzzle blocks in various geometric shapes? They have always looked fun to me.  I was about to embark upon making some cool designs and patterns for my girls when I came across these on the PreKinders website.

I printed off 9 different designs and laminated them.  Unlaminated things like this last about 5 seconds in our house before being ripped or eaten.  Now, since we don’t have any of the wooden block shape sets, I decided that I would make some.

I had a stack of foam sheets that I used to cut the shapes out. I did this by hand but it went pretty fast. 

These will still probably have some teeth marks in them by days end but I can always hope that they survive.

I can’t believe it is day 10 tomorrow! This month is flying by already.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas…6 Colored Beanbags

I got the inspiration for the sixth day of Christmas from the blog lifeingrace. It was a guest post by MJ from 517 creations.

I liked how MJ put the names of the colors on the beanbags.  My oldest is learning to read and this will be a good way for her to become familiar with the names of the colors.  I went to the store to pick up some of that printable fabric but man was it expensive.  Even with the coupon it was more than I wanted to spend.

I decided to go the cheap way out and write the names on fabric with a sharpie.  I had one for every color except yellow but black ended up working fine.

I can’t believe that we are already half way through the 12 days of Christmas! Stay tuned for a yummy Day number 7 tomorrow.

*To see all the 12 days visit this post!

Letter of the Week-A

Ever since I got my laminator, I have been doing some learning activities with my girls.  I have loved the preschool packs from 1+1+1=1 and loved seeing all of the tot trays as well. I started doing a letter of the week with accompanying activities.  I started with letter A.
We did the following activities:

I took a large bowl and filled it with beans.  In the beans I hid a bunch of objects that started with the letter A- An angel, airplane, alligator, play apple, Ariel doll, and an Aurora doll.  They took turns searching for the objects and pulling them out. Once they were all out, the girls had to guess the letter of the week. 

I cut out some large letter A’s and laminated them.  The girls lined the A’s with the “jewels”.  We practiced making the A sounds.

I cut out some capital letter A’s and some lower case letter a’s and the girls sorted them.  Then they glued them onto a paper and  decorated them with glitter.

We made fingerprint ants.  The girls loved this.  They wanted to decorate the ants.  Audrey wanted her ants to be on a camp out roasting marshmallows (upper right hand corner).

Via 1+1+1=1

The girls colored an A is for Astronaut print out from the Astronaut Preschool Pack on 1+1+1=1. As well as the printout with the a’s inside the stars.  What a great resource this site is!

The last activity that we did was a fill in the blank and matching activity.  I typed up a bunch of words that started with the letter A and left a blank space in the A position.  Audrey had to write in a letter A and then read the word (with help).  Each word had a corresponding paper cutout.  They searched the cutouts and picked the one that matched the word.  Then they taped it next to the word.  They really liked this activity too.