How to Cut Leather with the Silhouette

DIY Leather Earrings by Lisa Richards

I have cut a wide range of materials with my Silhouette Cameo.  One material had never been put to the test though.  I had never tried cutting REAL leather with my Silhouette CAMEO before.  With the help of the Silhouette interfacing, I have cut faux leather which I used on this Leather Believe Pillow but never the real thing.  Until now.


At first I tried just sticking the leather right to the mat but that left me with a fuzzy mat that was trying to double as a pet.   I am not a pet person, not even pet mats.  I had to find a solution so that I could make myself a pair of REAL leather earrings.  And find one I did.

Go check out the Silhouette blog to see what I used and how I successfully cut leather with my Silhouette CAMEO!

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Strawberry Shortcake Party Activities Part 1

I posted about this little mailbox a while back.  The activities for the party revolved around this mailbox.  Each of the characters from the most current version of Strawberry Shortcake sent a letter to the girls at the party with an activity for them to do.  We started out with Raspberry Torte.  For those unfamiliar with the Strawberry Shortcake show, Raspberry Torte runs a fashion boutique.

Raspberry sent a letter along with a special package to our party goers so that they could party in style.

Each girl got an apron to wear and take home after the party.

They also got a pink gumball necklace.  I saw the idea for the necklace here.  I wanted to have the girls make them at the party but after doing a test necklace, it was way too difficult to thread the ribbon through for little hands to do unassisted.

I was surprised that only my youngest daughter ate the gumballs during the party.  She just couldn’t resist but everyone else wore them the whole time like a necklace.

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Clay Rose Necklace

I found this chain thing at a yard sale awhile ago. I don’t know what it was but when I saw it I thought it would make a perfect necklace.

I used this tutorial to make the rose.  It was my first time using the the sculpting clay but it was quite easy to work with. I used Premo sculpey.  I liked the color of the translucent hue but after it baked it was, well, translucent.  I painted it and sprayed it with a clear protective coating.  I can’t wait to try some different colors.

Resin Tips from a Novice

I am by no means a master in the art of resin making. In fact I have only done it a handful of times.   Even so, I have gotten better at it each time I have done it and thought I would share some helpful things I have encountered throughout my learning process. If anyone reading this is a master of resin, please feel free to correct or add to anything I share.

I use this resin which I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  It works well. It includes two little cups for measuring out the 2 sides.  I found this to be kind of messy and I hated scrapping the sides.  Instead I use these little guys.

They work really well and really fast.

When I first tried my hand at making these, my flowers never turned out perfect.  They would have circular holes in the outside of the petals or whole petals missing altogether.

It seems like I have had the most success fixing this problem using two tips.  First, get your mold really warm.  I try to time it so that the mold is just coming out of the microwave when I am ready to pour my resin (I put 2 molds in the microwave for about 2 min) .  Second, pour a little at a time and try and work the resin into all the groves of the mold.  I try and bend my mold slightly after I pour a little resin in to make sure it it gets into all the tight spaces.

The last tip I have is that if you are making earrings or anything that will be in a pair, to try and fill the mold up to the exact same level (as level with the top as you can).

If you don’t you will end up with one earring that has a larger base than the other. 

Aren’t those marigold yellow earrings purdy? If you want to win them, go enter my current giveaway!

Baby Girl Gift

My dear sister-in-law is about to have her baby and I put together this baby gift for her. We collaborated on the fabric choice and I absolutely love it! This gift basically has two parts.  For the baby and for the mom.

Starting off we have for the baby:

This darling little onesie dress was inspired by this dress from Smile and Wave.  I kept the onesie intact though and didn’t cut it.  Now a girl in a darling dress needs some pretty kicks right?

I used the pattern from Tao Of Craft for her Modern Baby Bootie.  I switched things up after step 8 so that I wouldn’t have the inside seams showing.  Such a cute outfit wouldn’t be complete though without a hair accessory…

I attached a rolled flower to a piece of elastic to make this little headband.

Finally so that the baby can roll out in style, a matching car seat canopy.

I love to include some gifts for mom in my baby gifts:
First up is a silver Key to My Heart necklace.

Every mom can also use a pack of thank you cards

One baby gift down, one more to go! Check back to see another baby girl gift for one of my best friends!