Golden Butterfly Princess Halloween Costume

Golden Butterfly Princess Halloween Costume DIYI must have looked like a deer in the headlights when my daughter said she wanted her costume to be a “Golden Flower Butterfly Princess” for Halloween.  Okay. [Read more…]

Easy Lipstick Kiss Teacher Gift

Lipstick Teacher Gift

If you need an easy and last minute teacher gift, look no further than the drugstore makeup department!  This lipstick kiss teacher gift can go really cheap if you want to just use chapstick or something like that or it can be a little more expensive just depending on the type of lipstick you purchase.   I purchased  Revlon Lip Butter for my daughters to give to their teachers.  I absolutely love the Lip Butter.  It is unlike any other lipstick I have tried.  I am not a lipstick person but the Lip Butter feels like a cross between lipstick and chapstick so I can handle it just fine. [Read more…]

Comfortable Elsa Outfit Tutorial

Comfortable Elsa Outfit_DIY
Who hasn’t fallen in love with Disney’s new movie, Frozen? My little girls have and I have to admit that I have too! About mid January my family decided that we were going to take a trip to Disneyland in… 2 weeks! The planner and DIYer in me was scrambling to get everything done that I wanted to in preparation for our Disney trip. My oldest daughter is a little older and so I didn’t think she would want to wear a princess dress into Disneyland like she had in years past. She surprised me though and said that she wanted to wear her Snow Princess Halloween Costume while we were at Disneyland. Now I know that they let kids wear in Disney costumes but I didn’t know if they would be down with any old costume comin’ through. I couldn’t let me daughter down though. She wanted to be Elsa. Okay, I know this isn’t quite a dress, more of an outfit but you get the picture. I had to put something together quickly so I did what I do best, a REFASHION! Of course I took some pictures to put together a DIY Elsa Dress / Outfit Tutorial. [Read more…]

Teacher Gift Idea {Leaf Necklace}

Teacher Christmas Gift Idea

I came across these lovely leaf necklaces at Old Navy.  I thought they would be a fun little Christmas gift for my daughters to give to their school teachers.   My daughters both have really, really good teachers so I wanted to show my appreciation to those wonderful ladies.   I put together a little tag that said I can’t be”leaf” what a wonderful teacher you are!

Teacher Gift Idea

I made little boxes for them out of white faux bois cardstock.  I added a filigree paper leaf and then my tag from above to the box and tied it all up with a holiday ribbon.   Do you give teacher gifts at Christmas time? I would love to see your ideas too!

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DIY Snow Princess Halloween Costume

DIY snow princess costume

Believe it or not folks but I already have one Halloween costume done! Say what?!! It isn’t even October yet! I made this costume for my 7 year old daughter.  She still likes to dress up and be fancy but she didn’t want to be a Disney Princess like in years past.  Instead we opted for a snow princess.  Handmade costumes can easily become time consuming and expensive.  I played to my strengths to keep it easy and inexpensive.  The total cost out of pocket for this costume was only $9!!! I still can’t even believe it.  I used things that I already had at home and got the rest of the materials with either a coupon or thrifting.  I made everything pretty much from scratch aside from the shirt which I refashioned.  There are 4 components to this costume.  A snowflake crown, a hooded cloak, a sparkly shirt and a long tiered ruffle skirt.  Let’s start with the top shall we? [Read more…]