18 DIY Frozen Projects

18 DIY Frozen Projects and Tutorials

Today is the day folks.  No more watching Let It Go on Youtube.  Nope.  Today is the day that Disney’s Frozen comes out on DVD.  Did you preorder from the Disney store? I did.  I am a sucker for that coupon! Well in honor of the release of Disney’s Frozen, I present to you a round up of 18 chillingly awesome (ah yeah, you know you like how I threw in that icy rhetoric).  Go visit these awesome blogs to see tutorials on how to make these 18 DIY Frozen projects!  If you are itching to pin, please hop over to the original blogs and pin from there! [Read more…]

Comfortable Elsa Outfit Tutorial

Comfortable Elsa Outfit_DIY
Who hasn’t fallen in love with Disney’s new movie, Frozen? My little girls have and I have to admit that I have too! About mid January my family decided that we were going to take a trip to Disneyland in… 2 weeks! The planner and DIYer in me was scrambling to get everything done that I wanted to in preparation for our Disney trip. My oldest daughter is a little older and so I didn’t think she would want to wear a princess dress into Disneyland like she had in years past. She surprised me though and said that she wanted to wear her Snow Princess Halloween Costume while we were at Disneyland. Now I know that they let kids wear in Disney costumes but I didn’t know if they would be down with any old costume comin’ through. I couldn’t let me daughter down though. She wanted to be Elsa. Okay, I know this isn’t quite a dress, more of an outfit but you get the picture. I had to put something together quickly so I did what I do best, a REFASHION! Of course I took some pictures to put together a DIY Elsa Dress / Outfit Tutorial. [Read more…]

Kids Magnetic Puzzle for Travel and a Rant

Magnet Puzzle designed by Lisa Richards

Good Wednesday morning everyone! I am over at the Silhouette blog today sharing a travel gift idea for kids.  This last road trip I brought along a cookie sheet and some magnet activities for my girls to do.  The one I am sharing on the Silhouette blog is a magnetic princess puzzle but you could really use any graphic.

Rant begins here  🙂

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Top Posts of 2013

top posts of 2013 from Greylustergirl.com

2013 was a big year for me and my little ol’ blog.  I had been posting sporadically until April 2013 when I started blogging again with a gusto. [Read more…]

Kids Laminated Road Map

kids road map _wmOf all the homemade travel ideas I have done for my kids, this one is numero uno.  It may not be my kids number one but it is certainly mine.  This road map for kids helps to answer the dreaded question that is asked every 5 minutes on a road trip.  “Are we there yet?”  That question gets progressively whiny and oh so irritating.  I like the kids road map so much that I have made it for all of our last trips.  You can read about the Road to Disneyland map here. 

Kids Travel Road MapsThis last one that we went on was not very long but I still wanted the kids to have a sense of where they were and how far they still had to go.  I went a step further with this travel map and laminated it as well as laminating the double sided car.  I used a piece of tape to stick the car to the map.  kids travel road map_wmThe one thing that was missing from the first maps I made was that I was always a tad anxious for the kids to pass me the map once they had moved the car so that it wouldn’t get wrecked.  By laminating the map, they kids were able to keep their maps with them and move them at their leisure.  I highly recommend making a kids travel map for anyone who is traveling with kids!