4th of July Canvas Art

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God Bless America 4th of July Canvas Art

When I got out my 4th of July decorations box, it was embarrassingly empty.  I had my United States Straight Pin String Art but that was about the only thing I was really digging this year.   I was really wanting a patriotic phrase to go along with my only 4th of July decor.  I turned to my favorite source for phrases, Kolette Hall.  I chose the God Bless America phrase.

God Bless America Art Tutorial

A lot of Kolette’s shapes come with the phrase grouped in two different ways, one that is completely grouped together and one that can be ungrouped.  I chose the one that could be ungrouped and deleted the other.  I wasn’t exactly sure what colors I wanted to make the words so I ungrouped them and played around with different color combos.  If you already know what colors you want to use and where, you can omit this step.  It is just so that you can visually see what your canvas art will look like when you are done.  Once I got the colors I wanted I proceeded to make a box around my phrase.  The box was the same size as my canvas, 5×7 inches.

God Bless America Art

I centered the God Bless America phrase inside of the box.  I was using the Silhouette brand double sided adhesive for my project.  I set the Silhouette to cut the phrase out in the settings for the double sided adhesive and had the rectangular box on No Cut.  After I cut the phrase out I did a No Cut on the phrase and then had the cut lines for the box only.  I used the setting for coverstock to cut out the box because I wanted it to come off nice and clean.

4th of July Canvas Art Tutorial

With my phrase and box cut out, I weeded out the centers of the letters that I didn’t want.  I used those centers for some color and product experimentation.  I didn’t know if I wanted to do glitter, flocking material or embossing powder for my patriotic art.  I tried a little of all of them and decided on the embossing powder.  You will see in the middle picture above that I had to save the inside parts of the letter B and put them in by hand.   I did NOT take off the yellow backing from the rectangle.  I only took the backing off of the letters and stars.  I only exposed the sticky side of the things I wanted to have powder on.  Because I had made a box around my phrase that was the same size as my canvas, I simply matched up the canvas with my double sided adhesive rectangle.  I carefully pulled the rectangle box away from the canvas leaving only the phrase on it.

God Bless America Art Decor

I put on each color of embossing powder to my word of choice and used a heat tool to heat up the embossing powder.  I liked the texture that one coat of embossing powder gave so I left it like that.    I worked one word at a time and didn’t take off the front white backing of the next word until I was ready for it.

God Bless America Canvas Art TutorialI will definitely try using embossing powder and double sided adhesive for wall art again! It was easy to do and you can customize things really well.

4th of July Mantel 2014

The God Bless America 4th of July Canvas Art adds just the right patriotic touch to my simple 4th of July mantel.  If you want to see my 4th of July mantel from last year, you can see it HERE.  As you can tell from both, I like to keep my holiday decorating very simple :).    I will also have a quick tutorial in the next few days on how to make that easy felt star banner.

Looking for more Independence day phrases? Kolette Hall has a bunch of new ones that I have my eye on!

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