12 days of Handmade Christmas Gifts

12 handmade days of Christmas GiftsA couple of years ago I did a handmade 12 days of Christmas for my two little girls.  Looking back it was actually pretty crazy of me since I was sick as a dog being pregnant with my son.  Somehow I pulled it together though and it was really cute.  Some gifts have even stood the test of time and are still around and being used to this day.  I like to start my 12 days of Christmas on December 1 and do it the first 12 days of the month instead of the last 12.  One reason being I get too excited and can never wait to give the gifts and the other being that the first days of December are usually less crazy than the later half of the month.   Below each pic you will see the links to the blog posts.

Have you ever done the 12 days of Christmas for anyone? I would love to hear what you have done if you have!
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