Zipper Shirt Refashion

zipper shirt refashion

I bet you thought I forgot about my wardrobe revamp and refashion didn’t you? Well I haven’t.  Actually it has been on my mind a lot.  Mostly because I was stuck on one shirt.  I couldn’t start it because I couldn’t decide what I wanted.  Finally I made a decision.  To skip it.  Instead I am jumping to the next shirt in my line up, the zipper shirt.

zipper shirt refashin before_afterWhat drew me to the zipper shirt was the unexpected detail that the zipper brings to the back.   The front of the shirt just looks like a normal shirt and then BAM! I took it one step further and added a pop of red color to elevate my BAM to a KAZAAM!

I took in a shirt of my husbands.  If you want to know how to take in a shirt, check out this tutorial.  The zipper I purchased was really long.  I had originally planned to go all the way down the shirt similar to the inspiration shirt.  I tried two different times and it just wasn’t happening.  The zipper was too wavy and bumpy.  I resigned myself to just cut the zipper off.  I am so glad I did.  I love the look of the shorter zipper.

cut zipperI used a pair of pinking shears to cut the zipper.  I hand stitched a new stopper on the zipper by stitching across the teeth a few times. Follow this tutorial if you need more help shortening a zipper.

mark centerMark the center of the back of your shirt.   Pin the zipper on the shirt matching up the center line you marked with the teeth of the zipper.  My zipper is a faux zipper meaning that I didn’t cut my shirt, I just sewed the zipper right on.  I could cut it if I wanted to but I don’t feel there is a need.

sew in zipperTo sew the zipper on, I used my zipper foot and simply sewed down one side, across and up the other side like a U.  To get past the actual zipper pull, unzip the zipper a little bit when you start to sew. When you get to the zipper pull, put you needle down and lift your foot up so that you can zip the zipper pull back past to where you already sewed.


What a quick and easy way to refashion a shirt! Simply add a faux zipper the back!  In case you have missed some of my other refashions, take a look at how I am doing so for on my Wardrobe Revamp and Refashion!

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