Wood Flooring Wall Art


I have been up to my eyeballs in wood flooring this past month.  In November I noticed a bubble in our kitchen floor right in front of our sink.  Little did we know that the sink had been leaking.  In our vast home improvement knowledge, we decided to rip out our almost entire upstairs flooring to make way for a new wood laminate floor.  Right during Just in time for the holidays!  Of course, being an avid DIYer, I couldn’t let all that scrap flooring go to waste! I decided that the flooring would make a perfect piece of wall art.  Since I have Christmas on the mind, I decided to go with a Christmas message for my wall art.  I loved the verse from the Book of Mormon that Kolette Hall made into a shape for the Silhouette Online Store.  The message is spot of for Christmas time and I appreciate that the focal point in the shape is the word Christ.

Come Unto Christ Wall Art

The flooring that we put it was a dark brown so I went with white vinyl  for the scripture phrase so I could get a good contrast.


I cut out my vinyl on my Silhouette CAMEO making it as big as I could.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.41.00 AMAfter I cut it out, I weeded out the negative space leaving just the image I wanted.


While my husband was cutting wood, I asked him to rip off the edges of some of the scrap boards to make a piece of wall art for me.  This flooring was a click and lock kind so I didn’t even need to glue or attach the boards to anything, I simply locked them into place.


I used three boards to make my wall art.  After I clicked them all in place, I got my white vinyl and put transfer tape over it.  I used the scrapper tool and went over the transfer paper a few times to make sure the vinyl had adhered to it.


Once the vinyl is on the transfer paper, it is easy to place it on the wood flooring wall art and then scrape again to get the vinyl to adhere to the flooring.

come unto Christ Christmas Wall art

It has been refreshing to have this Come Unto Christ wall art up on my mantel this Christmas season.  It is a good reminder about the true meaning of Christmas and where my focus should be.


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