Operation Wardrobe Revamp & Refashion

wardrobe revamp and refashion


1. Sabo Skirt 2. Polyvore 3. Anthropologie 4. Feather4Arrow 5.  SheInside 6. Nordstrom

7. SheInside 8. Persun 9.  BlueFly 10. Source Unknown 11. gq.com 12. Anthropologie

How is it that I have a closet full of clothes and still nothing to wear.  It seems like every time I have a baby, I take two giant leaps backward in the fashion department.  Let’s say that one leap is one year, that means I have a fashion wardrobe from 2006.  Nice.  I looked up 2006 fashion trends and found that skinny jeans and ballet flats were in style.  Wait, aren’t those still in style? I sure hope so, cause that is what I got along with tons of shirts that are too short and too tight.  I wear the same shirts over and over again every week, only using about 1/3 of the shirts hanging up in my closet.  It is time to take a stand and do something about it!  In an effort to motivate myself to dress better, I put together round-up of 12 types of shirts that I want in wardrobe.  I am going to refashion and revamp my existing clothes as well as dig into my overflowing refashion box to come up with my own DIY version of of these trendy clothes.   Some will just follow the basic ideas while others will be closer in look to the originals.   I plan on working on it off and on. A little here, a little there.   I am off to a good start though, I already refashioned one shirt in the line up.

wardrobe revamp and refashion_checkmarkNumber 1 comes from Sabo Skirt.  It is not on their website now and I am not sure if they ever even sold the shirt, I think they were selling the black skirt in the outfit.  I fell in love with the shirt though.  I loved the contrast between the off white lace and the oversized black peter pan collar.  It has a romantic yet sophisticated feel.

lace_T-shirt Refashion I used a plain white t-shirt for my refashion.  I took it all apart and added a lace front and black peter pan collar.  You can check out the tutorial here.   Make sure to stay tuned to see what other refashions I do as I attempt to revamp and refashion my wardrobe DIY style!

*UPDATE: Take a gander at the refashions I have done so far: 

1. Lace Front Peter Pan Collar Shirt

2. High Low Shirt Refashion

3.  Anthropologie Shirt Refashion

4. Arrow Graphic Design Shirt

5. Chiffon Bottom Shirt Refashion

6. Peplum Top Refashion

7. Peter Pan Collar

9.  Zipper Shirt Refashion

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  1. Such a fabulous idea. Love the black and white – and the peter pan collar!

  2. Love the idea for this series! And your choices. Can’t wait to see what you do with all of your inspiration.

  3. I really hope skinny jeans and flats are still in style too! Then again, I don’t mind mixing old and new. That and coming up with something that actually matches ha! Love these tutorials!

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