Two T-Shirt Mash-Up Refashion Tutorial

Is anyone else confused by this title? Ha, me too.  This refashion, made by putting two t-shirts together may puzzle some.  Why put two t-shirts together you ask? I will give you the same answer that I gave my husband when he asked where I got the inspiration for this shirt.  My stomach. Well some shirts (pre-baby) are a little snug around the tummy if you know what I mean.  So I wanted a shirt that was fitted at the top but looser around the waist.  I grabbed two shirts, one that was snug as a bug in a rug and another that was looser.

I liked the looser one except for the collar which was too low and wide for me.  And the cutting began.

First off I cut the top portion off of the shirt that would become my new lower part.  Then I put on the tight shirt to see where I wanted to cut it and put a pin to mark my spot.

Cut the tight shirt at the indicated pin.  At this point you can either sew the two shirts together or do what I did. I elected to put in some pleats to the bottom part of my shirt.  I did six pleats total.  Three on one side of the center facing inward and three on the other side of the center also facing inward. Sew them down.

At this point you are ready to attach the two shirts.  Right sides together trying to match up the side seams as best as you can.  Sew. I used a zig-zag stitch.

I took some leftover pieces of of the top grey shirt and cut 2 inch strips which I sewed together into one big long strip.  I pinned pleats in the strip.

Pin the pleated strip onto the shirt where the two different shirts meet.  I put on the shirt and pinned a few so that I see exactly where I wanted it to be.

Sew the pleats on, in the direction of the pleating so that you don’t run into the pleats.  I sewed a total of three lines on the pleats so that it wouldn’t be floppy.

Then you are done. boo-ya. New shirt for FREE!

My loose shirt had a pattern on the front and was solid on the back. If I were to do this again, I would find a shirt that was solid in the front too because I really like how the solid cream color looks with the grey in the back.

I am keeping this in mind as a good option for a maternity shirt because of the optional pleats in the front portion and the ability to make the bottom portion pretty long.


  1. I love it! Great idea!

    Your Newest Followers,

    Heather & Rose

  2. very cute!

  3. I love the look the pleated jersey gives. So fun!

  4. seriously cute! can I just hire you to sew for me? 🙂 You look darling too!! i’m going to have to try this! thanks for the fun tutorial!!

  5. wow! i love the way you put together that outfit! the shirt looks amazing! i am loving the pleats especially. i’m going to have to try sewing pleats some time!

  6. …wunderschöne Idee.
    Danke,sieht super aus,
    und mann kann zwei alte T-shirts
    zu einem neuen verarbeiten.
    Liebe Grüße Christiane

  7. beautiful, I love it!!!

  8. Great idea! Would be perfect for those tshirts that end up too short after a few washes!

  9. What a great combination of shirts to use!

  10. Looks great!

  11. Yet another beautiful and creative project! Love it!
    I just wanted to let you know that I shared this at today’s {nifty thrifty sunday}!

  12. I LOVE this! So pretty! Totally going on my to-do list 🙂

  13. what a neat idea! I have the same issues with some of my tops too but don’t want to get rid of cause i’d still like to one day wear them hahaha I’m ur newest fan! Keep those ideas coming, i’d love to see more…

  14. Love the refashion with the black collar! You are so creative!

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