Toasted Marshmallow Filled Chocolate Cupcakes

Toasted_Marshmallow Filled Chocolate CupcakesI wanted to make a new dessert for my Husband for Father’s Day.  I pulled up my dessert board on Pinterest and asked my husband to choose a dessert.  Of the 94 desserts currently on the board, he chose the Malted Chocolate Cake with Toasted Marshmallow Filling from Tidy Mom.   I should have seen it coming, that man is a marshmallow fan.  Seeing as how the cake had a filling, I thought it would be perfect to try out as a filled cupcake.  I followed Cheryl’s directions and made the cupcakes.  Here is my take on them.  Overall, they were very tasty.  As a cupcake, the cake part was too light and fluffy in my opinion though.  If I were to do it again, I would not beat it for as long as she recommends.  All that beating incorporated too much air into the cupcake mix making it too light and expanding the volume of the batter.   It may have worked out fine for a cake because you only need to half it, but it filled more than 24 cupcakes.  The resulting cakes couldn’t stand up to the filling as well as I would have wanted.  As far as the toasted marshmallow filling goes, it was hands down the star of this cupcake.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  The frosting was good, but misleading.  It called for malted chocolate powder and so I was expecting a malted tasting frosting.  It mostly just tasted like a dark chocolate frosting.  I was also a little bummed about the amount of frosting that it made.  There wasn’t enough for me to decorate all my cupcakes. Luckily the marshmallow filling was so good that the cupcakes didn’t go completely without a sweet topping.   Next time I may try this recipe for malted chocolate frosting from Crumbs and Cookies.  It has three times the amount of chocolate malt powder in it so I am hoping it delivers more on that malt flavor.

toasted marshmallow filled chocolate cupcakesThe original recipe says that the cake is best the same day it is made.  I heartily agree.  The cake itself is not the problem, it is the frosting.  When refrigerated the frosting got very dense! So would I try this cupcake again? I would with some changes.  The concept is fun and the marshmallow filling itself is worth another go round.  I wonder what else I could put that marshmallow filling in…

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  1. Nicole Ersoy says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for posting this! I’m making a different chocolate cupcake recipe, but I want to try the marshmallow filling. Is the original recipe for the filling enough for 12 cupcakes? If you remember your yield, that would be really helpful!


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