Paper Flowers Wall Art

Paper Flowers Wall ArtWhat says spring more than flowers?! I saw this gorgeous picture the other day of some wall art featuring 3d paper flowers.  It was from Target and you could buy the flowers in a pack of 4 for $7.00.  Pff, I could totally make that! I ain’t paying $100 for something I could make myself.  Well after days of cutting flowers, rolling petals, gluing, gluing and gluing some more that pack of 4 for $7.00 started sounding pretty reasonable.   If you are as cheap crazy as me and want to try to make your own DIY paper  flower wall art, look no further! Follow the tutorial of what I did! [Read more…]

Knit Fabric Flower Shirt Refashion

Fabric Flower Shirt Designed by Lisa Richards

I am over at the Silhouette blog today sharing a tutorial for how I made this knit flower shirt.  I had never cut knit fabric with my Silhouette CAMEO before and I ran into a few hiccups.  I stubbornly fearlessly plowed through though and came up with a darling shirt that my daughter wore like 3 days in a row.  I personally love the color on her so I am happy it all worked out in the head.  Head over and see the full tutorial here. [Read more…]