Sequin Shirt Refashion

sequin shirt refashion

This is a tutorial that I shared over at Brassy Apple.  In case you missed it, here it is!

I had been eyeing this Luminescent Top from Anthropologie because I had a grey shirt in my refashion pile that had a similar neckline.   Plus sparkles are meant for holidays right?!

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Anthropologie Shirt Refashion

anthropologie shirt refashion_close

Moving along in my attempt to refashion and revamp my wardrobe, I get to check off my number three shirt refashion.  The Anthropologie Pattern Pop Tee shirt.  I literally made this shirt 4 times before I got it right.  I was having serious brain abandonment issues on this one.  Meaning that my brain left.  Therefore I made the stupidest mistakes over and over again.  Finally my brain found its way back home and united in the common goal of conquering this Anthropologie shirt refashion, my brain and I got ‘er done.

Anthropologie Pattern Pop_Shirt Refashion copy

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (I am channeling my inner Fraulein Maria).  I came across a yard sale a couple of weeks back that had boxes and boxes of fabric.  My heart swelled with excitement.  Then the small party pooper thought crept into my mind that this could be me someday.  Boxes and boxes of fabric hoarded and unused.  Naturally I quickly swatted that thought away and started loading up.  I couldn’t shake it though and I enlisted my self restraint to only purchase my 4 favorite fabrics.  This is what I chose.


The top fabric already had a place in my mind.  It was going to pair up with a plain black t-shirt and become my Anthropologie shirt refashion.  Moving along, things are still going well.  Brain is still intact.  I had seen an Anthropologie Pattern Pop Tee Shirt tutorial over at Merrick’s Art.  Merrick is one talented lady.  She makes everything look good.  In her shirt refashion, Merrick made her shirt from scratch using a mens shirt and a fun patterned fabric.  I decided that I would just cut the back off of one of my existing shirts.  The patterned fabric on the Anthropologie shirt starts about at the mid to low shoulder blade area.  I wanted to lesson the work I had to do so I cut just below the sleeve.  So far so good.


I thought that since I was using an existing t-shirt, then half my work was already done right? Wrong.  Well I suppose that would be right for a normal person with a functioning brain, however this is right around the time my brain decided that it wanted no part in the upcoming events.  Mistake number one- I used the piece I just cut off for my guide for my patterned fabric.

wrong cut

The patterned fabric is not at all stretchy.  So I switched out a very stretchy fabric for a non stretchy fabric of the same size.  I made the whole shirt, put it on and smiled at the sausage before me.  It was beyond tight on me.  I wasn’t giving up though.  I unpicked the whole back part and cut another piece I used the piece I just unpicked and added fabric on either side and cut a new piece.  I sewed it all up again.  Still too tight.  This time I wised up and used a loose shirt as my guide.  I tried on attempt number three.  It was wearable.  Now for the choice of leaving it as is or taking it apart again and adding a little extra fabric for comforts sake.  I had worked too hard on this shirt for it not to work.  After 4 times I finally had the shirt I was hoping for from the beginning.  Here is a breakdown of what I SHOULD have done the first time.


Cut out your back piece making sure to allow plenty of extra fabric.  My final one ended up being about 4 inches bigger on each side of the original piece I cut off of the black t-shirt.


At the center of the back piece, add a pleat.  Make the pleat is big enough so that the top of the back piece will now fit perfectly into the cut off section of the shirt.


Pin in and sew in the back section along the top and the sides stopping a little before the end on both sides.


Serge or zig zap stitch the patterned fabric hem starting at where you left off of sewing the sides.  Then, fold the serged piece over and match it up to the remaining part of the black t-shirt sides.  Sew the sides and then sew the rest of the hem.  Add the pocket and your shirt is complete.

anthropologie pattern pop shirt refashion

It should have been so easy! Don’t make the same mistakes that I did! Cut your fabric back piece plenty big!!

Anthropologie Wardrobe Refashion copy

I am loving having some new clothes to wear and it is a big plus that I don’t have to spend the $58.00 to buy the Anthropologie version.  It is so satisfying to check another shirt off my Wardrobe Revamp and Refashion list!

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