Easy 4th of July Felt Star Garland

Easy Felt Star Garland

Felt garlands are easy to make and they add such a festive touch to any party or holiday.  I wanted to spruce up my 4th of July decor by adding a felt star garland.

How to Make a Felt Star Garland_Tutorial

I cut out the stars individually by hand out of craft felt.  My star was about 2 inches x 2 inches.  I arranged them in a red, white and blue pattern and started sewing.  I went from one star tip straight across to the other tip and kept going tip to tip for each star.  I found that pulling the already sewn stars gently helped the banner from bunching up while I was sewing.


After your done with the felt banner, just wrap it around a piece of cardboard like I did with my circle felt banner below.

circle felt banner

Wrapping the banner around a piece of cardboard keeps the felt garland from getting tangled or breaking.

4th of July Mantel 2014 copy


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