Guestposting at Brassy Apple {Sequin Shirt Refashion}

sequin shirt refashion

I am adding a bit of sparkle to my wardrobe with this new refashion! It is based off of an Anthropologie shirt (big surprise there) and has been so fun to wear to some holiday gatherings this Christmas season.  Hop on over to Brassy Apple to see the full tutorial!

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  1. I just left you a comment at the Brassy Apple blog. I love your shirt! I have always been scared to sew with sequined fabrics. If you don’t mind me asking: did you just cut it with your regular sewing shears? Did you need a special needle? What happened when the needle hits the sequins – did it just go right through or break?

    • greylustergirl says:

      Hi Lovenicky! I did use my regular sewing scissors to cut the sequin fabric. I sewed with my regular needle also and it worked great. At first I tried not to sew onto the actual sequins but I actually found it went through them very nicely and actually went back through and sewed over some of them just to make sure they stayed put. Just don’t sew really fast. This particular sequin fabric seemed easier to sew than some others. I did break one of my serger needles trying to serge a different sequined fabric a few months ago so you do need to be somewhat careful. Just go slow and you will be great! Good luck!

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