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Last fall we took a trip to Disneyland.  I did a few crafts in preparation for the road trip and for the vacation and thought I would share a few.  First off we were traveling with 3 kids who don’t really have a concept of time.  I saw some travel timelines on Pinterest and liked the concept of the kids being able to visually see how far away they were from the destination.  I wasn’t crazy about a big long timeline spanning the car though.  I came up with this Road to Disneyland Map.  I created it with my Silhouette Cameo on a 12×12 paper.  I started with a winding road that had landmarks or cities about every hour from our home to Disneyland.

I cut out two vans, one the mirror image of the other and glued them together.  Then I just added a piece of tape to the car and moved it along the road as we drove.  It worked so well! I actually made two maps so that each of my older kids had a map and a car of their own.  Whenever the kids asked us if we were there yet, I would show them their map and where we were and they could see how long we needed to go still.  They also liked seeing the landmarks and places on the map that we would pass. It was great to have the map for the ride home as well! Stay tuned for more Disney ideas!

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  1. love this!! so cute!

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