Red Collar Redo Shirt Refashion

collar redo shirt refashionI had grand plans of making 4th of July dresses for my two girls  but after I made the first one and it wouldn’t even fit over my daughter’s head, I bagged it and put my 4th of July sewing hopes to rest.  That is until I saw this shirt from the blog Hello Fashion.  I loved the pop that the red collar gave to the blue shirt.  I pinned it and the wheels started turning.  I had a blue striped shirt in my closet that I thought would be a great candidate for a red collar redo shirt refashion.  I have cut off a few collars in my day but I have never put one back on.

IMG_2761I first started by cutting off the existing collar and then cutting off a little more.  I didn’t want the shirt to be up so high.  I used the second cut off piece of collar to measure out my new piece of red ribbed knit.  The old piece ended up being 21 inches long.  I cut the new piece to be 20 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide.  Something that I didn’t even know was that you can buy ribbed knit by the yard.  I thought it already came prepackaged like bias tape but I guess not! It was also much easier than I thought to put it in.   I referenced this tutorial from Schwin&Schwin to put in the collar.  With right sides together, I sewed the end of the 20 inch piece of red ribbed knit making it into a circle.

IMG_2766 I pinned it then sewed it onto the shirt like the tutorial from Schwin&Schwin said to do.

IMG_2767When I top stitched along the edge, I put my needle right next to the collar so that I could get a close stitch.  I tried the shirt on and I liked it! It was missing something though.  I decided to put on a red rib knit pocket as well. IMG_2769I found a shirt with a pocket and traced the pocket.

IMG_2770I followed the tutorial for putting on a pocket from Merrick’s Art.   The whole t-shirt refashion took less than an hour and now I know how to take off a collar from a shirt and put on a new collar! I slightly feel bad that my girls will have to wear their 4th of July outfits from last year while I sport a new shirt refashion but sometimes this momma has got to do things for herself too!  The colors of the shirt are festive enough to wear as a 4th of July shirt but I think I will be able to get away with wearing it after the 4th of July as well.

red collar shirt refashion

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  1. Cute refashion!

  2. It turned out super cute Lisa!!

  3. This is a great refashion! The “new” top is adorable. Nice job!

    Thanks for submitting it to stylegawker!

  4. Looking beautiful! Very festive.

  5. Im stopping by from tatertots and jello! I am in love with this shirt! You did such a great job jazzing it up!

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