Polar Express Jingle Bell Kids Craft

polar express kids craft

My daughters school teacher asked if parents could come in and read their favorite Christmas story and then do a quick craft with the kids based on the story.   I chose my favorite story, which is the Polar Express.  There is just something magical about that book and the bell that the child picks as the first gift of Christmas.  For the Christmas craft I chose a little silver bell like the one from Santa’s sleigh.  It was tied up with a pretty red ribbon and had a little tag on it that said “Believe”.

DIY Jingle bell craft_polar Express

Each child got a little bag that had the ribbon, bell and Believe tag in it.  The kids simply threaded the ribbon through the bell, threaded the Believe tag onto the ribbon and then tied the ribbon into a bow.

jingle bell kids craft

If the students couldn’t tie a bow and didn’t want help, they could just tie the ribbon in a knot like my daughter did for hers.  The kids all really liked the jingle bell craft and my daughter was convinced that the bell was really a bell from Santa’s sleigh :).


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  1. This is great. where did you get the bells??

  2. What size bells are you using?

    • greylustergirl says:

      I can’t remember the exact size of the bells but I am guessing they were 25 mm. They were about the size of a nickel.

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