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Pins of the

Remember this thing that I did like three times and I called it My Day Friday? A day when I could share whatever I wanted (as apposed to other days on my blog where I share whatever other things I want).  Well it is making a reappearance in the form of another installment of my favorite Pins of the Week.  It is actually kind of intriguing to go back and look at the things I pinned this week.   Some I had already forgotten about! These ones that I picked were some of my favorites that I wanted to share with everyone.

**If you like the projects as much as I do and want to pin them, please oh please with a cherry on top, go to the original source and pin from there!

We are going to start at the top of the picture collage with the Coconut Lime White Chocolate Scones from Maybe Matilda.  

coconut_lime white chocolate scones

I wasn’t sure if I should put these on my Food Board or on my Desserts Board.  With coconut, lime and white chocolate though, It seemed too desserty to put on the regular food board.  These would indeed be a sweet start to a special day.  I have never tried making scones but when I do, I am going to make these ones! Plus if you have never been to Rachel’s blog, she is one of the funniest and most honest bloggers I have ever read.  I am secretly hoping to one day meet her in person so that her humor can rub off on me!


Next up we have the Bookcase to Nightstand Makeover from Jani for Make It & Love It.  I love so much about this project.  The upcycling of an old piece of furniture, the do-ability for those of us not as good at furniture makeovers, the styling, the colors, EVERYTHING! I loved it so much that I hunted down Jani and her Pinterest Page and Facebook Page and Instagram Page (which aren’t shared on her blog).  Not creepy at all.


These Mason Jar Soap Dispensers from CherylStyle have the perfect mixture of modern with a classy vintage touch. I have a thing for black and white decor.   And you know what is even better? She offers the labels as a free printable download! Score!


I always love to get behind the scenes tips from other bloggers.  Tori’ from Lil Mrs. Tori shared a  tip  on how she uses a double sided backdrop to make her photos pop.  Black chalkboard on one side, white wood planks on the other.  I am totally doing this! Go over and follower her tutorial and make your own too!

laminate wood floor cleaner

We installed dark wood laminate floors last winter.  They have made a huge difference in the look of our home.  I love them.  I don’t love that you can see every little water drop and footprint.  Would I go with lighter floors next time? No.  So I am glad that I came across this homemade recipe for wood laminate floor cleaner by Hannah from A Lovely Mess.  Anyone have a good wood laminate floor mop that they love? I would be interesting in knowing what everyone else uses to clean their floors too.  If you have wood laminate floors, PLEASE leave me a comment on how you best clean yours!


We read books every night to our kids.  Some of the books are getting old though.  Not old as in vintage but old as in I have read this one gazillion times and I don’t want to read it again tonight old.  I loved seeing what Emily from Jones Design Company is reading to her daughter.  I was particularly drawn to the I Had a Favorite Dress book that she mentioned.  I want it! It is exactly what I do for me and my kids… refashion clothes!


With Mother’s day coming up, I have been thinking about what to make for my Mamma and the other Mother’s in my life.  I loved this free printable Mother’s Day breakfast banner the Kate from Striped Cat Studio shared on Studio DIY.  I can just picture these sticking out of a little cupcake too.  Such a sweet and simple way to make the mother in your life feel special!

faux specimen drawers

I can’t believe how awesome this DIY Faux Specimen Drawers from Kristine of The Painted Hive turned out.  She took a $40 storage unit and turned it into nothing short of Ah-MAZe-ING.  The functionality of big drawers with the look of specimen drawers.  I want this!!!

Grey Luster Girl on Pinterest

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  1. Aww, thanks for including me and for your sweet words! Since it turns out we’re practically neighbors, I think it’s time we plan a get-together, don’t you?

    LOVE the faux specimen drawers! So cool!