Peter Pan Collar Shirt Refashion

diy peter pan collarI am a big fan of the peter pan collar shirts these days.  I like the vintage nod while at the same time adding a little something to an otherwise plain shirt.  The thing that drew me to this next refashion was the bright red peter pan collar.  It was definitely an attention grabber.  I wanted to refashion a shirt with a peter pan collar that also added a pop of color and stood out.

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I looked through my closet to see what I could find similar to my inspiration picture.  No luck.  Then I got the idea of maybe flipping it.  Instead of doing a patterned shirt with a red peter pan collar, I would do a red shirt with a patterned peter pan collar.  I started by making my pattern for the peter pan collar.

Peter Pan Collar Pattern DIYI made it in parts and then combined the parts.  I traced the front and back neckline of my red shirt so that I could make my collar.  I used a jar to round the corners for the front of the collar.  I used two pencils rubberbanded together to trace the collar so that I could allow for the seams.

how to make peter pan collarI had another shirt that had a cute pattern but that was about the only thing it had going for it.  I cut out 2 collars using my pattern and added interfacing the the wrong side of one of them.  With right sides together, I sewed the outside of the collar and left the inside unsewn.  Before you turn it right side out, notch the edges so that it curves well.

DIY peter pan collar shirt redoNow time to attach the collar.  Mark the middle of the front neckline.  Turn the shirt inside out and pin the right side of the collar to the wrong side of the shirt.  Sew the collar on.  Turn the shirt right side out and flip the collar out.  Top stitch the collar down.   Quite the quick shirt refashion!

DIY Peter Pan Shirt Refashion_before_afterFrom plain red shirt to a fun patterned peter pan collar.  If a patterned collar is not your cup of tea, you could check out my Lace Peter Pan shirt refashion which has a classic black peter pan collar paired with a lace shirt.

Looking for more shirt refashions? Check out my wardrobe revamp and refashion that I am slowly doing!

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  1. Brilliant! I’ve been obsessing over Peter Pan collars lately! Perfect timing!

  2. Very cute! The rubberbanded pencils is a great trick!

  3. Love the peter pan collar! Thanks of the tutorial. If you get a chance, please link up to the Suburbsmama Sunday Linky Party:

  4. I really love it. Did you have any trouble getting the shirt over your head after? Just wondering if you did anything special to make sure the neck opening would still stretch.

    • greylustergirl says:

      Thanks Sar! I don’t have any trouble getting it over my head. After you sew the collar on and flip it right side out, it actually makes the hole for your head bigger. I would love to see your version if you end of trying it out! Thanks for stopping by!

      • Thanks for the reply. I’m eyeing up a few of my daughters’ hand-me-down shirts that could be spruced up with a pretty little collar.

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