A Step Up for a Men’s Button-Up {Peplum Refashion}

Peplum Shirt Refashion

For some reason I think this refashion is really cool.  I frequently refashion men’s shirts into women’s shirts for me but with this Peplum top refashion, I really had to think.  How was I going to transform a men’s button up shirt into a peplum top? I was set on using this shirt from my husband’s closet that was reminiscent of an auto mechanic shirt.  I liked the faded blue color and the lightweight feel of it.

Peplum Shirt Refashion Before & After

The only problem was that the shirt was a size medium which doesn’t leave a lot of room for pattern pieces, especially a gathered peplum.  I am proud of myself for making it work.  Wanna see how I did it?

Peplum Top from Men’s Button-Up Shirt Refashion 

(Say that three times fast!)

Peplum top from Men's button-up

Of course I had to start off by getting the pattern pieces.   This was the trickiest part! As you can see from the picture above, the front of the shirt with the buttons became the back of the peplum shirt.  The back of the men’s shirt became the front of the peplum shirt.  The bottom of the men’s shirt was used for the sleeves and the men’s sleeves were used for the peplum.

peplum top patternI started by taking everything apart to get my pattern pieces.  I created a basic shirt pattern for myself using a shirt I already owned and used that to cut out the front and back bodice pieces.  I did it lower in collar for the front and higher in the collar for the back.

peplum shirt from Men's button up

As stated earlier, the side with the buttons became the back of my new shirt and the side without buttons became the front.   Oh, I also unpicked the pockets too but you could leave them on if you want to.

peplum pattern pieces 2

I cut out the sleeves from the bottom of the shirt.  Now on to the peplum.  I cut out the sleeves and laid them flat.  I found the longest length possible while still keeping a good enough width.  I did run into a little problem here.  Since the shirt was a size medium, there wasn’t much fabric to work with.  The peplum was a tad smaller than I wanted it to be.  I cut two panels and sewed them to either side of one of the long rectangle peplum pieces.  That gave me a longer peplum strip.  I made sure that when I attached the strip, those panels were on either side of my hips.  Hopefully if you try this you can find a larger men’s button up-shirt so that your peplum strip will be longer to begin with.

peplum refashion tutorial 3

Believe it or not, getting the pattern pieces all sorted out was the trickiest part! Next I started putting the shirt together.  I took the front and back bodice and with right sides together, I sewed the shoulder seams.  Then I finished the hems of the sleeves and then sewed them in, also right sides together.

peplum tutorial 4

With right sides still together, I sewed the side seams all the way down on both sides starting at the sleeves. See the red arrown above.  Now the top of the bodice is done.  On to the peplum.  I sewed the long peplum strip into a tube and gathered the top edge.  Then with right sides together, I pinned it on making sure my panels were on either side so they didn’t show.   I finished the seams and added a knit collar to the top.  If you need help adding a knit collar, you can see how I did one here.

Peplum Top RefashionIt is not exactly like my inspiration picture from Nordstrom but that is alright because I wasn’t really trying to copy it exactly.  I wanted to make a peplum top and I was set on making it from a men’s button-up shirt.  I also don’t mind that it was free and not $148 like theirs was.

And that my friends deserves a check off the ol’ Wardrobe Revamp and Refashion chart.  Mark it. Number 6. DONE!  Lest my eyes deceive me, I am half way done folks!!  I realized the other day that most of my refashion choices are short sleeve so I better hurry and finish them up before it gets too cold!  Make sure you stay tuned!

wardrobe revamp and refashion_6

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    Thank You!

    • greylustergirl says:

      Hi Veronica! I have actually had a lot of interest in the Strawberry Shortcake cutouts, the only problem is that I don’t want to deal with shipping them. Any chance you live in Northern Utah?

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