My Day Friday: Baby Gifts from Way Back When

As I was going through my camera roll, I came across a few projects from way back when.  Three of those projects were baby gifts that I had made and never shared before.  I am always looking for baby gift ideas so if you are looking for some, you can add these three to your idea list.  The first two are pretty easy and quick to put together.  If you have a white onesie, then you are already on your way.

Onsie_Baby_gifts [Read more...]

Cheaters Salted Caramel Frosting

cheaters salted caramel frosting

Over the weekend, In the course of a few minutes, I saw two chocolate cupcakes with caramel frosting on Pinterest.  To normal person this might be nothing, but to me it was a call to action! I had decided that I was going to make a devils food cupcake witha caramel frosting.  My heart was set on it.  As I read the recipes though I realized that 1. I didn’t have all the ingredients and 2. They required prep work the day before to make the caramel.  I began to look around for other recipes to make.  Of course nothing looked as good to me as the salted caramel frosting.  I couldn’t let it go. [Read more...]

Easy Peasy Kids Maxi Skirt Tutorial

Easy_Peasy_Kids_Maxi_Skirt_tutorialThis kids maxi skirt has to be one of the easiest articles of clothing to sew.  A few strait stitches and you are all done!   I actually started with a pair of black gauchos [Read more...]

DIY Sunglasses Case and End Of Year Teacher Gift

DIY Sunglasses Case

Today is the last day of school for my oldest daughter.  Since this is my first child in school, I am still trying to figure things out like teacher gifts and such.  Our teacher appreciation week was a few weeks ago and my daughter brought a little gift for her teacher.  Do kids give end of year gifts too? [Read more...]

DIY Garden Plant Markers

DIY Garden Plant MarkerIt is that time of year where I live to start planting gardens.  My garden always starts out well but then I get lazy and weeds start to creep up and vegetables go unpicked.  Once again I am starting off strong and I even made some garden markers for my plants. We shall see how long it lasts! I did something similar for my herb pots that you can see here.  I followed a similar route and used a pop can for these garden markers. [Read more...]