Operation Wardrobe Revamp & Refashion

wardrobe revamp and refashion


1. Sabo Skirt 2. Polyvore 3. Anthropologie 4. Feather4Arrow 5.  SheInside 6. Nordstrom

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How is it that I have a closet full of clothes and still nothing to wear.  It seems like every time I have a baby, I take two giant leaps backward in the fashion department.  Let’s say that one leap is one year, that means I have a fashion wardrobe from 2006.  Nice.  I looked up 2006 fashion trends and found that skinny jeans and ballet flats were in style.  Wait, aren’t those still in style? I sure hope so, cause that is what I got along with tons of shirts that are too short and too tight.  I wear the same shirts over and over again every week, only using about 1/3 of the shirts hanging up in my closet.  It is time to take a stand and do something about it!  In an effort to motivate myself to dress better, I put together round-up of 12 types of shirts that I want in wardrobe.  I am going to refashion and revamp my existing clothes as well as dig into my overflowing refashion box to come up with my own DIY version of of these trendy clothes.   Some will just follow the basic ideas while others will be closer in look to the originals.   I plan on working on it off and on. A little here, a little there.   I am off to a good start though, I already refashioned one shirt in the line up.

wardrobe revamp and refashion_checkmarkNumber 1 comes from Sabo Skirt.  It is not on their website now and I am not sure if they ever even sold the shirt, I think they were selling the black skirt in the outfit.  I fell in love with the shirt though.  I loved the contrast between the off white lace and the oversized black peter pan collar.  It has a romantic yet sophisticated feel.

lace_T-shirt Refashion I used a plain white t-shirt for my refashion.  I took it all apart and added a lace front and black peter pan collar.  You can check out the tutorial here.   Make sure to stay tuned to see what other refashions I do as I attempt to revamp and refashion my wardrobe DIY style!

*UPDATE: Take a gander at the refashions I have done so far: 

1. Lace Front Peter Pan Collar Shirt

2. High Low Shirt Refashion

3.  Anthropologie Shirt Refashion

4. Arrow Graphic Design Shirt

5. Chiffon Bottom Shirt Refashion

6. Peplum Top Refashion

7. Peter Pan Collar

9.  Zipper Shirt Refashion

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4th of July Kids Outfits

4th of July Kids CLothesTalk about last minute.  I had every intention of cleaning the bathrooms yesterday.  For some reason though I ended up in my craft room a.k.a workshop holding my daughters failed 4th of July dress in my hands.  I didn’t have time to fix it or start over but it would be so easy to turn it into a skirt.  Should I take them plunge? Of course I should!  I hate craft fails.  Especially ones that I know things are going wrong yet I keep going.  Maybe it is the athlete in me but I had to try again.  I am glad I did.  The skirts did come together really fast.  I simply sewed a tube out of the fabric and added an exposed elastic waistband.  Do you recognize the fabric?  It was leftover from my weighted tablecloth that I made for the 4th of July Bike Parade. My younger daughters skirt is a little shorter than I had originally planned.  I had already put the tube together and was sewing the elastic for the waistband when my oldest daughter came in to talk to me.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see her moving around my workshop.  Then when I reached for the skirt tube I noticed that she had taken the scissors and cut a big hole in the fabric! What the?!! I could not let this 4th of July outfit defeat me twice! I cut off the section right before the hole and now she has a mini skirt. Oh well, at least it still fits her.  I made the shorts for my son using a modified pattern for the Basic Pant from Dana’s blog Made.  He looks like a festive golfer and I love it.  What a cutie patootie. For those who celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July.  God bless America.

Red, White and Blue Jello

red white and blue jelloI looked around at a few red, white and blue jello recipes and decided on this one from food.com.  I made them into individual jello salad desserts using 9 oz. clear plastic solo cups.  I thought I would share a few tips that seemed to make the process of putting the jello cups together a little easier.  I used a 1/3 cup of each jello color and I used a funnel for the blue and the red jello.  The recipe filled 16 9 oz. cups with red, white and blue jello.  I put them all on one cookie sheet to firm up in the refrigerator.  I am feeling patriotic already!

Red Collar Redo Shirt Refashion

collar redo shirt refashionI had grand plans of making 4th of July dresses for my two girls  but after I made the first one and it wouldn’t even fit over my daughter’s head, I bagged it and put my 4th of July sewing hopes to rest.  That is until I saw this shirt from the blog Hello Fashion.  I loved the pop that the red collar gave to the blue shirt.  I pinned it and the wheels started turning.  I had a blue striped shirt in my closet that I thought would be a great candidate for a red collar redo shirt refashion.  I have cut off a few collars in my day but I have never put one back on.

IMG_2761I first started by cutting off the existing collar and then cutting off a little more.  I didn’t want the shirt to be up so high.  I used the second cut off piece of collar to measure out my new piece of red ribbed knit.  The old piece ended up being 21 inches long.  I cut the new piece to be 20 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide.  Something that I didn’t even know was that you can buy ribbed knit by the yard.  I thought it already came prepackaged like bias tape but I guess not! It was also much easier than I thought to put it in.   I referenced this tutorial from Schwin&Schwin to put in the collar.  With right sides together, I sewed the end of the 20 inch piece of red ribbed knit making it into a circle.

IMG_2766 I pinned it then sewed it onto the shirt like the tutorial from Schwin&Schwin said to do.

IMG_2767When I top stitched along the edge, I put my needle right next to the collar so that I could get a close stitch.  I tried the shirt on and I liked it! It was missing something though.  I decided to put on a red rib knit pocket as well. IMG_2769I found a shirt with a pocket and traced the pocket.

IMG_2770I followed the tutorial for putting on a pocket from Merrick’s Art.   The whole t-shirt refashion took less than an hour and now I know how to take off a collar from a shirt and put on a new collar! I slightly feel bad that my girls will have to wear their 4th of July outfits from last year while I sport a new shirt refashion but sometimes this momma has got to do things for herself too!  The colors of the shirt are festive enough to wear as a 4th of July shirt but I think I will be able to get away with wearing it after the 4th of July as well.

red collar shirt refashion

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4th of July Bike Parade and $200 Giveaway

Are you ready to get patriotic?!! I have teamed up with coupons.com and seven other fabulous bloggers to bring you some pretty spectacular 4th of July projects!  Not only that but we will be doing a giveaway sponsored by coupons.com for a whopping $200 smackaroos to either JoAnn’s or Home Depot!  Ahhh Yeah!! I will start the ball rolling with my 4th of July DIY Project.  Remember back to the good ol’ days around the 4th of July when you strapped your helmet on your head, affixed some playing cards to your bike frame and wove streamers through your spokes?  Then you proudly rode your bike through the Independance day bike parade with your streamers flying behind you.  I wanted my kids to be able to experience the fun of a bike parade so we threw our own 4th of July Bike Parade Party!

4th of July Party Decorations_wmCoupons.com sent me a gift card to JoAnns so that I could get some supplies for my party.  They also have some coupons on their site for JoAnns which makes it even easier to get more bang for your buck!  I made some yarn pom pom firecrackers using sparkly red, white and blue yarn.  I made the pom poms different sizes by wrapping the yarn around 4 fingers for the large ones, three fingers for the medium size and two fingers for the small ones.

4th of July Cupcakes

For the treat I made a cherry chip cupcake (from a box…I gotta choose my battles, ya know) with a homemade cream cheese frosting.  I hate to admit that I ate all three of the remaining cupcakes, but alas it is true.

4th of July Bike Parade Party FavorsAfter the party the kids all got some fun and easy to put together party favors.  The bubbles are from the dollar store and are wrapped with festive pipe cleaner.  The sparklers have some mini yarn pom pom firecrackers on them.  Lastly I got some gummy stars from the Winco bulk section and packaged them up with some homemade bike parade medallions.

4th of July Bike Parade Bike DecorationsI gathered up some 4th of July inspired decorations for the kids to go to town on their bikes. As you can see from the above picture, the kids did just that.  Here are the ones we used:

Red, White and Blue Streamers

Red, White and Blue Pipe Cleaners

Striped Ribbon

Red, White and Blue Curling Ribbon

Playing Cards as Noise Makers

Flag Pennants

4th of July Decorated Bikes for ParadeThe best decoration was the striped ribbon.  It wasn’t the real ribbon material, it had more plastic in it than fabric so it held its shape really well and didn’t rip.  I thought that we would use the clothespins to pin the playing cards to the wheel spokes of the bike but they just didn’t work so we ended up taping the playing cards to the frame of the bike so that they stuck into the wheels.  It worked great! I loved hearing the sound of the cards in the wheels like machine guns when they peddled.  Classic bike parade.

bike parade chalkboard artOf course I had to set some ground rules to keep everyone safe.  I used a chalkboard to write out the bike parade rules.  The kids stuck by them… for the most part.

4th of July Bike ParadeThe only problem with the bike parade was the weather.  It was scorching hot! I should have thought of it but I did not.   Even in the shade it was unbearably hot.  I love the idea of a bike parade and I would definitely do it again but I learned my lesson about doing it in 100 degree weather!

weighted tablecloth tutorialWhen I was setting up the party there was actually a breeze.  I was happy about that not just because it cooled things off but because it gave me a trial run through of the weighted tablecloth that I made.  I put together a little tutorial of what I did.  I used a patriotic cotton fabric from JoAnns and cut it to the size I wanted for the tablecloth.  I finished the sides by turning them under twice and then sewing a straight stitch.  I made triangle pockets out of duck cloth and serged the sides of them.  Then I pinned them on and sewed them onto the wrong side of the tablecloth leaving the hypotenuse of the right angle open.  Then I dropped in some weights (nuts) that I found in the garage.  It kept my tablecloth down nicely.  I don’t think that the nuts alone would hold the tablecloth down during a strong wind but they held down nicely during the light breeze.

Wasn’t that fun? Did it remind you of any childhood memories? Now let’s get ready to party!

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Here are the rules for the giveaway. The giveaway runs from July 1st through midnight on July 7th. To enter the giveaway, simply tell us what DIY 4th of July project you would like to create, and “like” each of the blog hop hosts on Facebook. That’s it! The winner will picked via Rafflecopter on the 8th and will be contacted via email. If you do not respond to the email within 48 hours, we will pick another winner.

So which would you pick? $200 to JoAnn’s or Home Depot? Enter below for your chance to win!

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