Pins of the Week No. 2

pinsofweekIt has been a while since I did an installment of my favorite pins of the week.  I am constantly amazed at the ingenuity and creativity of others.  I agree that Pinterest can often be a downer as it is inevitable and all to easy to compare myself and my house to every picture perfect pin I see.  BUT, and that is a big but, I love and truly appreciate all the great ideas that other people have and freely share.  So here are my favorite pins of the week. If you too are smitten with these ideas/images, please jump over to the original site and pin from their post and not from this one.

Alright, starting this off we will take a look at my Adorn Me {Clothes and Accessories} board from which I pinned this pretty dress:

Anthro_lace_dressThis dress is so beautiful! It is reminiscent of something you would come across in an old chest of linens.  I am having refashion visions about using a vintage pillowcase and making it into a dress inspired by this Leveled Lace Dress from Anthropologie.

From my DIY and Tutorials board is this incredibly creative DIY purse from The Sewing Rabbit.

ModernPurseRefashion4 She took a thrift store purse and completely transformed it into a gorgeous purse that I really and I mean REALLY want.  I am going to have my eye out for a thrift store purse because this DIY project is high on my list!

From my Decor board I pinned this darling wire basket from Honeycomb Creative Co.’s Powder Room Redux.

wire_basketCourtney’s whole bathroom is calming and serene, down to the last detail.  I am secretly opening up the door to my bathroom and wishing that I saw her powder room in front of me instead of my blah oak cabinets.  At least now I have some great inspiration to get me one step closer to the look I am dreaming of!

All of this daydreaming is making me hungry! Let’s move on to the Dinner board shall we? chicken fried riceI am anxious to try this Chicken Fried Rice from Rachel Schultz.  I am thinking it would be a great way to elevate some leftovers.  Leftover rotisserie chicken, leftover rice… this is sounding very easy! I am sure her teriyaki chicken would be even better in it but I will take baby steps to ease out of my laziness.

We are going to round out this edition of Pins of the Week on my Kids Board which is seeing a little extra game time lately with Back to School on the horizon.

lunchables There a a ton of pins on Pinterest with lunchbox ideas but I really like how Nike from Thrive gave a side by side cost breakdown between lunchables and DIY lunchables in her Pack This Not That post.  This is my first year with a child who will be taking a lunch so I am really digging all the lunchtime ideas!

Speaking of lunchtime ideas, also from my Kids board is this pin from Rook No. 17 of a smarties treat with a printable tag.

smartieLucky for us, Jenn has the pdf free for download!  I am pretty sure my daughter would be too fixated on the smarties to read the cute tag but I would feel like super cool mom if I included this in her lunch for the first day of school.  And you know, it is all about me anyways right?

Well that round up my favorite pins of the week. I would love, love, loooove it if you followed me on Pinterest! I would also love to see some of your favorite pins of the week!

Amazon Gift Card Winners!

winners_2_$25The results are in! Thank you everyone for participating in the 2 for $25 back to school giveaway! I loved seeing what everyone would get! By far school supplies seem to be top on everyone’s list.  The two winners though both opted for something different.  If you wanted:

A phone cover because you need one bad or some make-up goodies then you are the lucky winners!

Without further ado, a big congratulations are in order for Amy Morgan and Bianca Rogoveanu! You were chosen by for your comment Amy and Bianca for liking Grey Luster Girl on facebook! You get to choose your hearts desire! Please email me and let me know the email address you want your gift card sent to.  greyluster(at)gmail(dot)com


Kids Laminated Road Map

kids road map _wmOf all the homemade travel ideas I have done for my kids, this one is numero uno.  It may not be my kids number one but it is certainly mine.  This road map for kids helps to answer the dreaded question that is asked every 5 minutes on a road trip.  “Are we there yet?”  That question gets progressively whiny and oh so irritating.  I like the kids road map so much that I have made it for all of our last trips.  You can read about the Road to Disneyland map here. 

Kids Travel Road MapsThis last one that we went on was not very long but I still wanted the kids to have a sense of where they were and how far they still had to go.  I went a step further with this travel map and laminated it as well as laminating the double sided car.  I used a piece of tape to stick the car to the map.  kids travel road map_wmThe one thing that was missing from the first maps I made was that I was always a tad anxious for the kids to pass me the map once they had moved the car so that it wouldn’t get wrecked.  By laminating the map, they kids were able to keep their maps with them and move them at their leisure.  I highly recommend making a kids travel map for anyone who is traveling with kids!

More Travel Gifts for Kids

2 More Travel Gift Ideas for KidsSummer definitely feels like it is coming to a close.  Motivation is suddenly (and most welcomely) arriving and helping me accomplish my goals that I set for the beginning of the summer and never got to.  So naturally the last urge to feel like my summer wasn’t a total waste is aiding me and ushering in the new school year.  I did however, take a family vacation last week and wanted to share a couple of the travel gifts that I made for my kids for the ride down.  If your family is taking a last minute vacation, check out these fun travel gift ideas.  If you remember back to my series of Disney travel posts, one of my kids favorite ways to pass the travel time is with presents.

Travel Idea for Kids_Presents In fact, when asked what my youngest daughters favorite part of the trip was, she smilingly said “the presents”.  If you missed that last post, to recap, I wrap presents for the kids to open up every 1-2 hours or so.  I do a mixture of purchased toys, DVDs, treats and handmade gifts.   This time around we did get some fun toys for them but I also threw in some handmade gifts as well.  The first handmade travel gift was this DIY whiteboard made from a DVD case.  It all started when I purchased 2 packs of whiteboard crayons from the Toys R Us buy 1 get 2 free sale. The crayons were on sale but the whiteboards were not.  I searched around trying to find a DIY whiteboard.    Finally my eyes locked on a very cool idea.

DIY whiteboard from DVD CaseA DIY whiteboard made from a DVD case.  I tried to go to the link but it didn’t take me anywhere.  It is beyond easy though.  All you need to do is get a DVD case and slip a piece of white paper inside it.  I cut my paper to be 10 3/4 x 7 1/4 inches.  Slide it in and that is all.

Inside Whiteboard DVD case The clips inside the DVD case that usually hold advertisements and such are perfect for holding the dry erase cloth.  I had to situate the crayons strategically so that the case would close.  It shut and locked but had a tiny gap where the outside crayons were.  I tried cutting off the plastic parts that hold the actual DVD but all that did was just ruin the DVD case.  This ended up working just fine. Whiteboard from a DVD_crayons I was surprised how well the dry erase crayons worked on the DVD case.  They showed up well and erased just fine with the dry erase cloth, leaving no remnants of the picture behind.

Travel Gift Idea-WhiteboardMy oldest daughter loved drawing on her whiteboard and it kept her busy for longer than I thought it would.  She even used it and liked to draw on it after we arrived.

Travel Bingo Gift Idea_PrizeThe other handmade gift I did was a Bingo prize bag.  I had picked up this old school road trip travel Bingo cards at a yard sale.  They have little doors that slide over the object when you see it. I put together a bag of treats for each child for when they got a bingo.  I printed the BINGO letters onto a bright pink label sheet and then cut them out with my silhouette.  In an effort to stick them on the bag straight, I placed the clear ziplock on top of the printed bingo letters and matched them up.  I felt pretty ingenious doing that! That probably would have been a no brainer for some of you but I was patting myself on the back for that one.

So there you go, two more handmade travel gifts for kids to add to the list!

2_$25 to Amazon_greylustergirlAlso, Don’t forget to enter the current giveaway going on right now until Wednesday, Aug 7, 2013!


Arrow Graphic Design Shirt Refashion

arrow shirt refashion

The next shirt in my Wardrobe Revamp and Refashion was more on the crafty side and less on the sewing side.  Since there was little sewing, this DIY arrow graphic t-shirt refashion was easy and fast.  I got the grey shirt on sale for a little over $2 at JoAnns.  Their t-shirts are long and slim fit at the bottom but the sleeves and tops are a little too baggy for my taste.

Arrow Shirt Refashion Before_AfterWant to see how I did it?

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