Oversized White Shirt Refashion

oversized white shirt refashion

This is the refashion that I did for my first contributor post over at  Brassy Apple.

Today I have a refashion tutorial for you that spans my side of the closet as well as my husbands.  I have been loving all the oversized white shirts that I have been seeing in pictures lately.  Sometimes the loose white shirts are under a jacket or paired with a fun scarf.    Whether by themselves or accessorized, these white shirts are darling and figure flattering! I thought I would try my hand at one.  I started with one of my husbands white button up shirts.  It was not your typical white collared shirt that is usually paired with a suit.  It was more of a linen material.

oversized white shirt refashion tutorial_before&after

I do need to give you all a heads up at this point.  I showed my husband the before and after pictures and I looked at him with anticipation to see what he thought of the transformation.  Instead of seeing excitement, I saw surprise followed by the words “oh…(deadly silent pause), you used that shirt”.  Whoops! In my defense, he had put it into the donate pile so I thought it was fair game.  Apparently I should have double checked!  So my advice to you is that before your raid your hubby’s closet, make sure you get the green light before you take a pair of scissors to one of his favorite white shirts! 

prepare men's white shirtMoving along to the tutorial.  I first started by preparing the large white linen shirt.  This will be our bottom portion of our finished shirt.  Step 1 is to unpick the pocket.  After the pocket was off, I lightly sprayed the area with water and rubbed the holes to get them to fill in.  The back of the shirt was now to become the front of my new oversized white shirt because it didn’t have any seams. I cut off the back making sure that the piece that I cut was large enough to give it a good long and loose fit.  Next I took the front of the shirt with the button up portion and pinned it right sides together.  I sewed it as close as I could to the button up part so that I could cut off the buttons but still keep it as big as possible.   Now we are ready to for our next step of preparing the bodice from a white fitted shirt.

combine white shirts

Put on your fitted white shirt and mark where you want the loose white shirt to start.  Cut the front and back off at that point.  You want the top of your loose white pieces to match up with the newly cut fitted shirt.  To do so, cut off the excess material from the top and shape the loose white pieces to be smaller at the top.  You will want to cut the loose pieces to be just a LITTLE bigger than the width of the fitted stretchy shirt.   That way when you sew, you will get a nice straight stitch instead of a puckered one.   After the top of the loose piece is sized, gradually taper it down leaving it big and loose at the bottom, kind of like a gradual candy corn shape.    Pin and sew the front loose piece (the one without the seam) to the front fitted shirt and the back loose piece to the back of the fitted shirt.  Turn the shirt so that the right sides are together.  Pin and sew the side seams.   I stop just before the end so that I can make sure my hem matches up between the front and the back.  My front was a little longer so I had to hem it more than I did the back.  Finish sewing up that small portion on each side and then sew the bottom hem all the way around.  The last step is to pat yourself on the back.  Don’t forget this step! You just refashioned a men’s white shirt into a chic oversized white blouse for yourself- that deserves a little praise.  Way to go!

loose white shirt with jacket

Now you can have fun accessorizing it with some layered necklaces or pairing it with a jacket when the weather starts to cool down.   I am looking forward to the possibilities of this oversized white shirt and am sure that with 3 little kids at home, my bleach pen will make regular appearances!

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  1. I am confused. you used the men’s shirt for the lower part of a knit shirt? I must have missed that step

    • greylustergirl says:

      You got it Kathy! I wanted the the top part of the shirt to be fitted but the bottom part to be loose. I really like how it turned out!

  2. So, this is awesome! I’m going to go check out my husband’s closet right now and grab one of the shirts he hasn’t worn in a few years. I LOVE the whole outfit you have too! Where did that jacket come from?? I’m such a copycat. 😉

    • greylustergirl says:

      Thanks Steph! The jacket is from Old Navy like years ago. It is actually not my favorite jacket because the elastic is a little too tight on my arms :). But I did like the length of it. I am thinking of refashioning it into something else but I guess we will see!

  3. i have been looking for a shirt like this and now know why i could not find one. because people MAKE them, Lol! thank you so much for the idea. i wish somebody made clothes like this; you should start a clothing line 🙂

  4. I am trying to make this shirt out of a men’s 3xxxL and I am a women’s L. the seams don’t match up to my fitted shirt (I now, obviously), but while I was trying, I cut too much off of what was the front, is now the back, so I can’t event take the extra length off the sides! What do I do now? Help!

    • greylustergirl says:

      If you need extra material, you could try and take it from the sleeves of the men’s shirt if it is long sleeved or the top part of the men’s shirt. You could make two panels and put them in on either side of the back. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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