Monogram Easter Basket Tag

DIY Monogram Easter Basket Tag

How do you do Easter baskets at your house? Does the Easter bunny leave them out in plain sight? Does he hide them? In our family, the Easter bunny hides the baskets and then leaves clues for each of the children.  Each child has their own hunt they have to follow in order to find their Easter basket.  This is the way the Easter bunny did it when I was growing up.  We would go on our hunt (some of the clues were ridiculously hard! – Check the shoe?! Come on!!) and at the end we would find our Easter basket.  The basket had a paper tag on the top of it with our name written on it.  I wanted to personalize my kids Easter baskets so I decided to make monogram tags for them.

Offset monogram

I used the Flourish Frame Monogram Alphabet shapes from Kolette Hall to make the monogram.   Since it would be hanging by itself, I added a back to it so that it would be more sturdy.  I did this by offsetting the shape and then deleting the inside points leaving just a frame.

chipboard monogram tutorial

I cut out my shapes using the Silhouette brand chipboard.  The chipboard is pretty thin and you could substitute a cereal box instead and I bet it would work just fine.   After I cut out the chipboard I painted my shapes white.

Easter Basket Monogram Tutorial

I wanted to add some texture to the monogram tag so I cut out a piece of burlap to about the same shape as the chipboard frame.   I painted on a very light coat of white paint to the burlap. I put a thin layer of hot glue onto the back of the burlap and glued it onto the white frame.  Then I glued on the monogram.

Easter Basket InitialI punched a few holes in the top for the ribbon to go through and tied the monogram onto the basket with a big bow.

Burlap Chipboard MonogramNow each child will have their own monogramed Easter basket!

Monogramed Easter Basket Tag

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  1. Jessica says:

    I bought the set of monogrammed letters. I can’t seem to figure out how to separate each letter. So the whole alphabet shows up on my page. Could you help PLEASE??

    • greylustergirl says:

      Hi Jessica!
      Thanks for your question. I am working in the V2 legacy version of the software which is not the newest upgrade. I upgraded then had to downgrade because of some bugs I was running into so if you are using the older software version, this is what you will do. First select your letters by clicking on them. You should see a box come around the whole group of letters. Then down in the bottom left hand corner of your software you will see two boxes with little red squares on each of their corners. If you hover your mouse over that it should say Ungroup Selected Shapes. Click on that button and your shapes will ungroup. Hope that helps!

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