Tried it: Lasagna Roll Ups


I like to cook and bake.   For one, I love food but I also enjoy creating things and seeing how they turn out. Cooking and baking is a perfect vehicle for this because it gives you a finished product rather quickly compared to other craft projects.     When it comes to making dinner though, it seems like more of a chore and because I have to do it, it looses its fun-ness.  Take for example  this recipe for Lasagna Roll Ups from Cooking Classy.  It looks delicious and was an interesting new thing to try.   It had been on my dinner menu for a few months but I kept skipping it. The reason being that by the time dinner time rolled around, I was always looking for something easy and this recipe seemed like it was going to be a little more time intensive.  It turned out that I was right.  After it was all said and done, I told my husband that it had better be one delicious lasagna for me to contemplate ever making it again.  Turns out I was right on that point as well.   It was by far the best lasagna that I have ever made.  A few things that I liked about it- I really liked the concept of rolling the lasagna pieces up.  It kept them nice and neat and made it so that they didn’t fall apart and ooze everywhere like other traditional lasagnas do.  I liked that the meat was ground up super fine.  The tomato based sauce that you make has a balanced and delicious flavor.    I even messed up on one part- I used diced tomatoes instead of crushed tomatoes so my sauce wasn’t as runny as it needed to be.  I could look past that though since it was so yummy, but I could also see the potential of how yummy it could have been.  Next time I will pay a little more attention to that…and there WILL be a next time.  If you are looking for some easy dinner ideas, check out my Dinner Pinterest board.


  1. I love your blog Lisa! I feel especially lucky to have seen some of your crafts firsthand. That dress you made for Audrey is DARLING!! And the idea you had for Mother’s Day is so creative and fun! I am just amazed you find the time to do so much . . . I can barely get my laundry done :)!!!

    • greylustergirl says:

      You are too sweet Jami! I may be able to get some crafts done but my house is never as immaculate as yours- and don’t even get me started on our yard…

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